Wednesday, February 28

Last day - The Thank You Speech

Thank you everyone for your kind gestures and encouragement. I may be moving onto a more difficult path, but it is my own decision and I would do my best with no regrets. I'm sad because I would not be able to work together to you as a team.

Almost anything could trigger my tears today. I got hugs and handshakes from people (even from the directors themself) and it means alot to me. And also a kiss on the cheek (lipstick mark and all. you know who you are =P)

Even the staff and promoters are so very nice, they pooled together to get me 2 presents! One of my suppliers gave me a good luck red packet and another rushed down to see me for the last time as a supplier. My 2 fellow sweetie colleagues, Joann & Joey) got me Hello Kitty stuff. And so did dear Cat(Goh)... Dear Yanyi was very kind to organise the lunch, and Ah Lian was the one who initated it. Also to my lunch kakis, I will miss having the laughter and banter with all of you. Of course I got treats and free coffees from people like my dear DM and suppliers. To the MD director who has been so kind to me. To my DSMs who were of great help. And to my wonderful staff who are all very capable in their own ways. To the Teochew store manager who always disturb me, but is actually a very kind person. And to the rest of the colleagues, thank you for just being nice and fun to be with.

Oh, and my sweetie fren Cynamie who got me a 开工大吉" present and insisted that I got it before the 1st. So cute of her!

*** Alright, it starts to sound like an Oscar's thank you speech.

I will no longer be a buyer from 1st of March. But it has been a wonderful experience. At least I could call myself an ex-buyer. It's a cool job actually.

**Oh it sucks. I really wanted to show the pictures of the lunch, and also my gifts, but I can't! Because it can't load. I'll do it once it starts working...

Monday, February 26

Drinks after Work

It's so ironic that I got to have drinks after work with two of my colleagues, both senior in the company, only when I'm leaving. I thought it will be awkward, since they are not my usual group of hangout. However, it turned out to be a very pleasant affair. I downed 2 mugs of beer, but I'm not sure what it was. Despite the Tiger mug, it din quite taste like Tiger (I suspect it is Heineken) and had chips. I think they turned out to be surprised that I could actually hold my liquor. 2 mugs of beer... has no impact on me. OMG, it's a genetic thing.

This will be one of my memories of Isetan. I'll definitely wanna stay in touch as far as possible. How nice can the people get in this company get? I guess I'm very lucky to know all these fantastic people. Thanks a great deal, it has been a great experience for me to have worked here.
You know, retail looks glam, sounds glam, but its a hell lot of hard work. And we are not that well-paid. I don't think many realise what we have to do in preparation behind the scenes. It's also well, very interesting when you learn of how it works and stuff. Of course, suppliers are usually of very colourful personality, and its a joy to work with them. They are cool (generally).

Sunday, February 25

Lou Hei - on 人日

Fei smsed me Happy Birthday on Saturday morning. And blur me... happily replied:"Hey you got it wrong, it's not my birthday!". Silly me forgot it was 人日. And I was hit back by a sms:"Everyone's bd la! Ren ri, stupid! Hee..."

Oh god, what a good friend I have...

Later in the afternoon became was pretty upset while I went on my very last official store visits. I realised, this is the last time I'm going to do this with my DM, but it's better than if there is not even a last chance. What luck, I was driven and accompanied by the merchandising director and my DM. Haha! Nah... I just happened to be around and tagged along.

*DM in the front seat

*Me in the back seat.

*And the MD.Director in the driver seat. Haha! (** I guess its alright to post the pic since you cant really tell his face from the side view)

By end of the day, I was pretty freaked by the thought that its the last working day with my DM. But we'll all move on ya? Everything will be for the better. Check out my present.

*This is the coolest soft toy I ever received! It's a dog character by a Jap artist called Yoshitomo Nara. Haha! Thanks!

And in the evening, I went to a dinner party. There was a cooking competition between 2 grown men. And the food was GOOD! Yes, again I went to eat and eat. It was a tie to me. Everything was good, it was really restaurant standard. We had the fried bee hoon, curry, dim sum (bought one), black pepper crab (GOOD!) and "Buddha Jumps Over the Wall" (GOOD!). How do you compare black pepper crab and "buddha jumps over the wall"? Both are ooh delicious.

And even the lou hei was homemade. Check out the gigantic plate. Guess the traders all really wana make BIG money this year. This is the first time I've seen such a big yu sheng. I guess its around 10cm in height. And, it is topped with so much salmon and abalone, that you cant even see the vegetables below. *Before.

*After - Check out the mess. The white slices on the table are Abalone. And I guess you can see ALOT of salmon on the table! The most popular word of the day is "HUAT AH!!!". Even the foreigners say that. Cool. I also want to huat. Hehe.

Saturday, February 24

real estate agent?

"why don't you become a real estate agent instead? the property market is very good right now."

I think I have heard it at least 7 times so far. Thanks frenz, i mean, I know it is out of your well intentions that it was suggested. Yes, I know that the property market is doing well, but I have zil interest in properties (at least for now). And, if it is hot now, it means that I am abit late to enter the market, right? Anyway, thanks for the concern! =)

Thursday, February 22

Great Lunch.. again!

Check out my ang bao. The one on the left is from Isetan. So touched! I got an Ang Bao after I tendered. I was like staring at the director giving out the ang bao. Haha!

The one on the right is from someone who takes really good care of me! hee... Shall not name her though.

Then today, we had a treat by my manager at "Chikuyotei Dining" at Ngee Ann City. Haha! Good food again. This restaurant is supposed to be famous for their Unagi... And so I ordered Unagi & Tempura set. Hey, it is GOOD!

Unagi & Tempura Set.

My DM & I.

Fellow ladies wear buyer. Thanks girl! I'm sorry, I got you alot of extra work due to my bad timing.... gomenasai!


Chomping away... again.

And the dessert. Very fresh and sweet. Ooh.. Satisfying lunch. Very happy, yet again.

and yet again... woot~!

hacked again ~WOO~

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Wednesday, February 21

Aesthetic Surgery

I just met someone who had done double eyelid surgery last year, and it was so naturally done! She said that it was not painful at all.So I was pondering out loud today if I should do it if I have the extra money... I mean, double eyelid is sooo easy to put on eyeshadow. (* taunt me if you want to, but double eye-lidders have no idea about how difficult it is to put on eyeshadow ok?)

And WM went... "omg.. u are the 1 in 5 girls who are considering cosmetic surgery!". But seriously, double eyelid surgery is so minor, I do not consider that it IS a cosmetic surgery... I do know of people who are thinking to do liposuction, but cannot afford it. Talk about being narcissistic. Doesn't everyone out there want to look good?!

If I have the money and have a higher threshold of pain, then why not, its worth considering. Haha! I'll think about it when the day comes. It's just a thought.

Monday, February 19

Chinese New Year

17th Feb 2007 - CNY eve

Last minute packing gave me a headache. Finally started on my shoes. Hey actually I dun have that many shoes. Excluding those that I threw, I have 34 pairs of shoes (11 pairs not in the picture & 3 pairs of sports shoes not counted). Haha! Time to get more.

Steamboat for reunion dinner. Cheeky sister takes a pose, ever-ready for the camera.

Yay, finally finished the food. That was alot of food that we ate! (and yes I forgot to take the pix before we started again. I was hungry.)

18th Feb 2007 -
Arh, my fringe gets messy again!

19th Feb 2007
My niece - supermodel in the making. Pretty, cute and poses readily.


Rain poses yet again. The beauty pageant pose - hands on your waist, one leg in front of the other, and tilt your head to the side. Perfect.

I guess the weather really sucks. So hot in the house and playing with the 2 kids, got us all messy and sweaty.
CNY was pretty enjoyable this year, great to know the cousins abit better. We should keep in touch more. Why are we always so caught up in our own lives that we forget about the others?

Saturday, February 17

15 Feb Hall 12 Chinese New Year Dinner

My first CNY dinner with hall people in 2 years... Was great to see the ex-hallmates, neighbours and friends. Not too bad, the alumni had 2 tables this year, and total think around 15 tables? Din really count though.

Felt pretty old though, the juniors were decked in "hall attire". You know, t-shirts & berms/shorts, slippers. Missed those carefree days, and the "kampong" feeling in hall. Counting back, the year one girls are only 19, which makes them like, 6 - 7 years younger than I am! OMG.

It was a rowdy occasion, complete with silly games and rowdy laughter. Yam-senging definitely rocked the house. Well, nice to see all of my frenz again. Looking forward to the next round =)

Friday, February 16

Dedicated to the cutest kids I know.

Introducing the cutest and most beautiful kids I know....

Koji & Aiko ... the 2 kids of my supplier...

The 2 kids are not only beautiful & cute, but are also togged out in the coolest outfits! I mean, how many of you have been dressed in designer togs like Dior or Agnes b. Or Nike sneakers as kids? Of course, that is not surprising since they have a designer for their mama... Lucky kids, they have travelled widely, probably much more than most of us.

** Koji & Ai-chan just arrived at Isetan level 2...Sleepy Koji is not ready to take pictures. His bored face tells you how disinterested he is now.
Curious Ai-chan, just stares with her big round eyes... She is so KAWAII!

** Still sleepy, Koji seems to be waking up already. Check out his eyes. They are getting bigger, and looks more alert.

** Ai-chan has very good flexibility. She started playing with her shoelaces, doing leg splits... and then sucks on the shoelaces. Koji, being the playful one..starts to imitate his sister. You see he too plays with his shoes as well. Since he doesn't have shoelaces, he started doing and undoing his velcro shoe straps. Imitating his sister, he also tried to "eat" his shoes. What a cheeky boy!

This intelligent baby can already start saying some words, and it's so cute when he points to Ai-chan and says "妹妹!" and then he smiles, as if he is pleased with himself.

**Cute Ai-chan...

Koji & Ai-chan starts to look out for mama & papa after they got sick of adults like me who tries very hard to get their attention. These kids are super cute, I mean, super... It's impossible to work with them in the area. Koji at this tender age, already has admirers in school "fighting" over him. How cool can a baby get...

Wishing Koji, Ai-chan & family in Japan a very Happy Chinese New Year to !

Thanks for your support at work, and also for allowing me to share the pix with my friends.
I hope I will get to see them again in future.

Wednesday, February 14

Great Lunch!

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant. Oh gosh, I had the great pleasure to have a farewell lunch with my supplier and manager at this restaurant. What can I say, the food there is fantastic! I guess it must have cost quite abit. Judging by the amount i ate, no one could have told that I am actually unwell! Well, how could I miss the food... I mean, if you can, you MUST GO!

We ate: 1) noodle with crab meat & crab roe, 2) yu sheng, 3) har gao, 4) carrot cake, 5) deep fried prawns with salted egg, 5) pork rib & lotus soup, 6) vegetable roll, 7) 3 types of dessert. (dish names may be wrong, as I did not have a chance to look at the menu. only eat.)

Greedy me forgot to take pictures of the food until it came to the dessert...

It's fried apple, covered with some caramel-like layer. The waitress, dunked the hot and steaming apple into a bowl of cold water... Call me suaku, but this is the first time i've come across this dessert. Very nice! But do not attempt to eat the whole thing in one mouthful... for your teeth would get stuck!

Not sure what this is... but something that looks like rice, with wine. Kinda weird, but the taste gets better the more you eat.

Oh, and I got a box of Godiva chocs for Valentine's Day... Fattening!

Tuesday, February 13

i wanna be well for new year...

My cough is getting so bad, its like my oesophagus is like curling up when i go into my coughing fit. It sounds gross, but i actually threw up something.. yucks! Seems serious, I'll consider to see the doctor again tomorrow.

I wanna be well for CNY! All the goodies, how can I miss them...

Sunday, February 11

Saturday Night Dinner

Dinner at C-Jade Express
** Surprisingly, there is no queue at all. Guess the underpass closure really killed the business.

Dinner for the sick one. Roasted duck noodle soup.

Then.... drinks at Billy Bombers... cuz Meinu have not had her dinner...

Melted cheese that looks like "cream of corn"...


And we kept taking pictures on whatever entertains us...
It's amazing how creative we can get when we are tired.

Friday, February 9

Farewell Dinner

Dear Colleagues,

Thanks very much for arranging the small gathering for me tonight, it's been really fun today. Your company has been very much appreciated for the past few years and I'm grateful to have friends like all of you. I'm going to miss the company, but still it's time to move on, and I will try my best to keep in touch.

Wishing all of you the best! May it be a great year for all of us =)

Sincerely Yours,

Thursday, February 8

Yum Yum...

Yum Yum... Sun with Moon serves really great food! I loved the grilled codfish with sashimi salad...

Check out my friend's Japanese "sha bo fan"...

And our dessert! - Japanese waffle with sweet potato and red bean paste.

Wooo~!! dis blog has been hacked

"Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun."

Wednesday, February 7

What Gender is your Brain?

I had to do this too... due to the compelling reason that my friends have done it. Kinda cute test.

Your Brain is 60% Female, 40% Male
Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

You Can Hang With the Guys and the Girls

You've struck a good balance between girlie and laid back.
You can keep it casual but when you dress up, you are as girly as the next girl.

Monday, February 5

losing momentum

I am feeling pain from doing boxercise. That is the result of not being diligent in exercising. Aching... how can just cutting down from 3 sessions to 1 session for 6 weeks make such a difference to your body?! Feeling like an old lady right now...

Tennis anyone? I wanna learn...

Friday, February 2

What does it take to make you happy?

What does it take to make you happy? Someone asked me this question again today. How do you know that making a change will be for the better? As much as I hate to leave a comfortable and familiar zone, it seems necessary for me now. Of course, there is no guarantee that I will be happier but you never know until you try. It's really heartwarming to know that people care, but I don't think I can take anymore of the talk. It really breaks me down.

Maybe, sometimes we just have to leap before you look. If like a baby who learns to walk, and that we have no pre-conceptions of failure or fear of pain, we might be better able to overcome the difficulties that come along with each new challenge.

One of the things that makes me happy, definitely, is know that the ones around me are doing well and feeling good about themselves. It doesn't take alot to do that little something extra for the person beside you or to encourage them on a low day. Every little thought counts, and every smile makes a brighter day. Smiles are sooo infectious. Spread them.