Tuesday, October 28

Last update of Aiko & Kojiro for this trip...

A day out at Dempsey Rd, Ben & Jerry's.

* sis n kojiro going crazy playing. & camwhoring.

* Kojiro pretends to hit aiko. I guess he really wanted to, but he knows he should not.

* kojiro wearing oakley on his head like a hairband. i told him it was a girly way of wearing shades! * aiko is conned by her mum. a torn tissue paper disguised as SKII sheet mask! and she thinks it's the real thing. she' super cute!
* kojiro found a new way to irritate me. making funny faces when we take pictures. and calling me "auntie serina". he knows it really makes me mad!

Sunday, October 26

Kitty of Liberty!

My coolest kitty to date... Kitty from New York in the form of Statue of Liberty!
Absolutely love it!

Aiko & Kojiro - Updates

I thought they are not coming back till December! So glad that they popped by for a few days.

Thursday, October 23

Tuesday, October 21


My colleagues and I were amused at these fungus growing from the boards at the back of a pick-up. The fungus growth almost looks like it belongs there. They look funny and rather pretty growing from the pick-up, and undisturbed.

Sunday, October 19

Sandy Lam's Concert

Went to Sandy Lam's Concert last Sat. Wasn't plan for, Sis got the tickets last minute. Got a good seat really near to the stage side, good enough for me, I could see her relatively closely.

Fantastic as ever, looking beyond her real age, and having a bod to die for. She's really one of the best live singers I have heard. Too bad for the lousy crowd. Most of them seemed half dead, disinterested even. Why don't you all just stay home?!

Amazed that I can still remember the lyrics to most of her older songs. Brilliant ktv session for fans.

Friday, October 17


I was forwarded this email from CPF board. Thought the info was quite useful.

Dear Sir/Madam Are you $avvy?

Frustrated at not being able to find credible information dedicated to financial planning?Here's a one-stop destination for you - Go to www.imsavvy.sg for a good source of financial planning information!

Yours faithfully

CPF Board

Thursday, October 16

Monday, October 13

Heat Rate

What's you heart rate?

Was shocked when I saw my resting heart rate is getting higher than usual. And it was not after a night of partying or exercise. Waking up to a heart rate of 99, whereby my usual should be in the region of 64 - 70.

As my doctor cousin was educating me, it does not mean anything unless the abnormal rate prolongs over a large period of time. It's probably an isolated case and paranoia.

There I am wearing my heart rate monitor as I type this. It says 68 right now.

Sunday, October 12

And i said to diet.

Candy Empire carries the best chips around. How can you resist...
So long for my diet plan. I've just upsized (literally) from S - M. Damn!

And my new resolution. Though shall only drink water/mineral water. Unless it's fresh fruit juice. (as far as possible la. if people offer me, I would still politely accept).

* Lime and black pepper chips. I have never tried it before. The Monterey Jack cheese, MaZe says it's real good. Hope my zits don't come out after eating them.

Saturday, October 11

I wonder if I got this word written correctly in Chinese. I'm talking about the word "sui4" - 碎.

A very often heard word these days. It's frequently spoken in hokkien (say "cui3").

E.g. "market 碎", "my stocks 碎", I feel "碎", "her dress sense very "碎". Is this the new word of the moment? Very apt for the market turmoil now.

* on a side note. I am particularly super amused with a friend who loves to say "Turn into a new leaf". never fails to throw me into a laughing fit.

Friday, October 10

Gorgeous wedding photography.

Came across a former school-mate's website on his work. He calls it wedding photojournalism. It's really gorgeous, the pictures he took! ( I posted with his permission ... )

* ahh... finally they are wedded.* somehow i feel nostalgic looking at this.

* a sweet moment. interlocking fingers.
* this picture of the bride captures her with such beauty. u can almost feel her happiness.

Visit his site @ http://enchantingkairos.com/blog/ for more pictures.

Do help tag him if you like the pictures he took too!

Thursday, October 9

I did it again

I did it again. My baby is hurt once again.

*heart bleeds

Stupid me.

Tuesday, October 7

Motor Show 2008

This motor show sux. My fault, din think to do any reading up on the event. Just wanted to look for some activities over the weekend. Was expecting some nice cars... but how come there are only Hondas, Subarus, Mistubishis, motorbikes, bikes...etc and Prudential?!

The rarely seen lamborghini and ferrari were all plastered with adverts from the booths that were advertising their own products.

How boring. and nobody told us to redeem tickets for the stunt show. Missed the show, and had to wait for almost 2 hrs for the next one. Almost died of boredom while waiting. Even visited the lorry while doing so. it seemed so much more exciting than the common cars. (not that i hate normal Jap cars. But it's a car show. I can see them at the showroom?)

* this is the only interesting car of the whole show. it's an amphibian! can go on land and underwater. Like the ducktour.


.......... no offence dear model. but i really wanted to take the picture of the car without you in the picture.
* nissan gtr. abit bulky though.
* so bored, we had to amuse ourselves with the mini cornetto. tried to take a longer time to finish it. but it's really mini.

* so bored, i noticed a last bottle of perrier with Paul&Joe label.

* this is a monster! so much bigger than those you see on the road. damn cool. took a picture in it, post it up later.

The only "normal" car I liked.... so much time i went to take a picture with it. A car that I can never drive. Because it's manual.

* the interior is actually quite posh.

* and the seats are really comfy. * it's the Honda Type R.

After 2 hours of waiting.... finally the stunt show begins.

* it was really quite worth the wait. you've seen the drift in initial d. this is the real thing! if you could parallel park like him, it'll only take 2 seconds. damn cool. any guy who masters this will be a hit with women. really.

QianHu Fish Farm

Last we visited Qianhu Fish Farm... expecting an even larger scale... but completed the whole place in like 1.5hrs... Not a fan of fishes, but I thought the lobsters are damn cute! (The rest of the photos are with maZe. will add on later...)

* so many Koi fishes!
* stingray... yum. *oops... i'm thinking of food. * catfish! * luohan. i hate it when pple liken me to the fish. duh?!* the fish with whiskers. * some tanks contained sick fishes... poor fishes. some look half dead already.