Sunday, June 28

More Hello Kitties!

* my present from sister. A lovely hello kitty calculator.. .happy!
* I may love hello kitty - but it was never my intention to put it on my vehicle. Spotted these vehicles.

Friday, June 26

Our Feisty Princess

Received an email on the plight of this cute and feisty little girl (, who is suffering from neuroblastoma - a form of cancer and she's in her 4th stage.

Her required sum for treatment is a staggering $500,000. And her mum is at loss at how she's going to raise the amount to save her daughter.

Taken off her blog at

SUNDAY, MAY 10, 2009

I thought over, probably a couple hundreds of times wondering how to write this entry. At the end of the day, I still have no idea what to write.

Truth is when I first saw the email sent by Dr Aung on the amount needed to bring Charmaine to New York for treatment, I was shocked. $350,000 is the upfront deposit. I weren’t sure what currency it was in. Sent Jolene and Charlene a text message, ending the message with “I would give up if it is in USD”.

And of course, the bad news never ends. $350,000 USD. Half a million Singapore dollars.
How would I ever be able to raise this amount of sum? How do I convince anyone that Charmaine’s life is worth half a million dollars? I don’t know how. I seriously don’t know how. So many times, I want to give up. I don’t know how to think. I don’t know what to think. I don’t want to think. I don’t dare to think.

A week has passed since I received the email and I know I have already procrastinated a week away and made no progress.

I am brought up to think rationally and weigh my decisions against benefits and cost. Rationally speaking, I know fully well that half a million dollars can be better spent on saving thousands of malnourished kids in Africa than on Charmaine who only has a 40-50% chance of survival even with the antibody in New York.

But Charmaine is my daughter. No amount of money can justify how important she is to me. And Jase. Despite Jase’s young age and maturity, I know fully well that he loves his mei mei just as much as I do.

I would do just about anything to save her. I thought about selling my kidney, being a surrogate mom. They may sound stupid and crazy but my conscience feels so much better with me earning that USD $350,000 because I cannot think of any rational reason to convince you to help me save Charmaine.

I really thought of giving up. Its so much more easier and I am so tired.
I don’t want to think about anything anymore. Its easier just remembering the next doctor’s appointment, the next time for medication, the next time to pay the bills and just things I can do without thinking…

I even avoided Jolene and Charlene for a week because I have no answer for them. Their suggestion to go public and seek for help. My permission to allow them to publicise the materials.

Even as I am typing right now, I don’t exactly know what am I doing. I don’t know what I have decided. I don’t know the consequences of me typing this.

The only thing I know for sure is that should anything happen to Charmaine, I would never be able to forgive myself for not trying to fight for Charmaine when all she has to help her is me.
This is the very reason why I am typing this.

Dear friends, please help Jase and me to save Charmaine.

Thank you.
Cynthia Lim


Do you think this is the only case that's happening in the world? How many people out there needs this kind of money to be saved? Let's help to raise awareness for this little girl...

But the best way ever is to prevent yourself ever from getting into such a plight. It delays the treatment process and the chances of recovering will lessen over time. Why risk?

Sunday, June 21

My new solar sticker

Finally got my car solar stickers for the windows. It has been so hot that i have turned a few shades darker. And the sunlight stings my skin. Now it doesn't anymore and I'm so happy about it.

Got it at a good price, and i regretted not doing it earlier. Cuz it REALLY makes a difference!

Hope this will help me to stop me from turning darker ( I don't fancy tans). And my Baby looks better with the darker shade of windows.

Now just to touch up the paintwork for my baby...

Wednesday, June 17

A birthday party for June Babies.

Of a long awaited party from the same group. I just love having parties with these friends. The theme of this one is "McDonald's Party" - children's party. And as the name suggests - our dinner is McDonald's (yucks it was my 2nd time in that week).

This time our dress code is kids wear. And I was really in doubt of what to wear. Managed to put together an outfit - but lose to these "pros". Too bad I cannot share the pictures - but here are super small shots of the event.

birthday cake for June Babies

party deco

Games Time!

* Zero Point - I suck at it.

* Donkey! - but we played Old Maid.

Other games we played - whacko, murderer, electric shock etc.

Looking forward to the next one!

Sunday, June 14

Post Birthday

Zhen and the gals treated me to "zhi-char" dinner at Tampines St 12 Blk 144. And after craving for sooo long for my crabs. Here it is!

* prawn paste fried chicken wings

* chilli crab
* and the "confirmed" dish - salted egg crab. It's a must try!
Tea with my PA friends at Olio Cafe. A reminiscense of our school days where we used to have coffee at the old Olio Dome Cafe once situated at Suntec City entrance (now Balaclava).
But now, it is a rare occasion that we gather together for tea as a big group. Just for occasions like CNY and birthdays. Nevertheless, a gathering is better than none! Our lovely mama Sim brought little Zachary out for the first time. So touched. She had to struggle down with the pram and the diaper bag to take the cab down to Marina Sq.

* me and the young mother

* Ms/Mdm/Mrs Sim & MaZe.

* Zhihan n baby Zac. See how much weight he lost. I thot he was rather cute when he looked overweight. Still looking good - but I like him more when he's not trying to force his eyes open when looking.

* zhihan will definitely make a good dad.

* and so is MaZe going to be...

* and baby Zac looks pretty comfortable with MaZe. He barely stayed in my arms for a minute cuz it was much too uncomfortable the way I was carrying him.

Thursday, June 11

Of things that irritate me.

I hardly blog about negative things. But there are some stuff that really bothers me.

1) I hope the loser who keep scratching my car get his own comeuppance. Please get a life. My car is not the newest and most expensive one in the whole carpark. There is a nice black lexus and a latest model of Mercedes C180. I have no idea why you want to inflict more injury to my already injured Baby. Luckily I decided against painting it yet though it's really badly scratched.

2) Drivers who dash into my lane with no signalling. hello! travelling at >100km per hour, and squeezing into a space of just 1 car length is just too dangerous.

3) Can you please keep in your lane. And it's no excuse just because you are SMSing while on the expressway! And because you are old. Even if your life does't have any value, I bet the driver next to you does!

4) Please open your door gently at the carpark. It's not funny to come back to your car and see a chip on it just because the idiot in the other car slammed his into yours. If you do not know how to gauge your strength to open your light door - don't buy a Japanese/China/Korean car.

5) I saw a scary scene today. And I feel like an idiot for not helping the lady. She tried to jump into the train even when the train doors are already closing. So she was like caught between BOTH the train doors (underground station). All I did was gasp because I didnt really think a sane person would try to jump in when the gap was THAT small. Luckily a man was like thinking on his feet and really pulled the lady in. All I did was gasp. Paiseh Miss.. I was in a shock. That was a stupid thing to do.

Tuesday, June 9

Swissotel Stay

We stayed at Swissotel Stamford for the weekend of my birthday. They had a promotion ... so not so expensive. Btw, I kind of like to stay in hotels. But only in the nice ones. My favourite one to date is still St Regis.

And so the gals had taken tons of pictures without me. So I had to ask for mine to be taken.

* finally my picture is taken.
* this picture is quite funny. i think it looks like some drama poster - like "Friends"

* bird's eye view of the resort in progress and the flyer. Seriously, I wonder how much better the view can get if you get on the flyer?

Sunday, June 7

My present - Hello Kitty Stamp Collector's Edition

Ming gave me this lovely stamp album!!! Love it lots. Another Hello Kitty added to my collection.

* hard cover album

* welcome page

* my horoscope - gemini

- the middle page is a huge pop-up!

* there's a pull out page of all the horoscopes on a single sheet.

* and the last page has some info of each of the horoscopes...

Wednesday, June 3

Ming - 明星脸?

Ok ... this is a boliao post. And I hope Ming doesn't scream at me. He's probably asleep now while I blog about him.

I recently received a sudden call from my mentor and he exclaimed that Ming looks like Ah Shin! Ok and so I think he looks like Donnie Yen. And my sis and some friend insists that he looks like the younger version of SBC star Wang Yuqing.

Er... do you think there's any resemblance? =P

Tuesday, June 2

Red Cross Bazaar

Received a forwarded email from Xingyi... Anyone wants to support humanitarian purposes? You may want to support this event.

Details as below:
Event: Singapore Red Cross International Bazaar 2009
Date: 25 October 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 9am - 6pm
Venue: Royal Thai Embassy (Beside Intl Plaza & Shaw House)

The charity bazaar ticket are selling @ $10 each which is available now.

"Up Close & Personal" Make Up Workshop

The "Up Close & Personal" Make Up Workshop (Julie Hewett Los Angeles) is back due to good response! Anyone keen or need help on makeup tips - may like to sign up.

Where: Hide & Seek Black Room

When: 13th June, Sat

Class A Time : 1030am - 1pm

Class B Time : 2pm - 430pm

For more details see

Monday, June 1

My new find =)

Bought this immediately when I saw it on display. It's limited edition. I had to get it cuz 1) it's hello kitty, and 2) I'm a fan the useful 3M hook. And.. it's glow in the dark!