Tuesday, October 30

Little Princess

Finally got to meet up with Xuan Xuan... we had dinner at Pizza Hut. Been following her baby pix till now. Very pretty and cute gal. And so intelligent, she speaks as well as an adult and is barely age 4! Very cheeky though, i guess she could drive you mad at times.

She refused to take a 2nd picture, which I wanted to, cuz this one doesnt show her cute enough!

* I had to say I'm amazed. The kid fell asleep 3 seconds flat after lying down. Within 1 hour of yawning. And within 5min of warning. Mich had to carry her home all the way.

Cute babe, got to meet up again!

Sunday, October 28

Wide-eyed boy

This little babe is half-thai & half-chinese. Check out his big eyes and super long lashes. Jealous.


Spent 3 hrs shopping for rabbit stuff... with Sandia... and it was only 2 shops. This is the first time ever for me. lolz. Was very interesting though. Looking forward to see the upgraded rabbit cage.

* check out a branded rabbit toilet bowl. it's way cute!!

Dinner@ The Mussel People

* we din have mussels... pan seared salmon with herb sauce and rice.
* roasted chicken and t-bone lamb.

Average food but quite place. Liked the fact that there's no queue. Sushi Tei and the HK cafe had a ridiculous queue.

* Do you notice what's wrong with this soft toy? For a moment I thought it was weird.

Saturday, October 27


Mum & I went to visit Ai-Chan and Kojiro @ their place. Their parents were out of town on business trip so went over to entertain the little babes.
* mama loves kids... and she likes Aiko over Kojiro.

* always ready for the camera. stops to pose for us.


Zhen's birthday dinner @ Blooie's.

* the creamy pasta was good, but it made me feel "je-lat". Better share this with your friends, not finish it alone.

* seafood platter.. had prawns, dory fish, sotong and mussels.
* grilled dory fish. best of the lot.
* fancy blue cheese? this is really great, that is if you love the pungent taste of blue cheese.

* for a moment, we were stumped by this item. one of us could not cut through it, and we wondered what it could be. guesses range from brinjal, cucumber etc - not to realise that it was a seafood platter. -_-" so desu ne.. it was mussels..

* xinyi, zhen, sand and me. contented after the meal.

Friday, October 26

pink paddlers

Was tagged in facebook for this breast cancer awareness program. Thought that it's really nice of the person to spread the message.

We can catch the TV broadcast on:
Date: 28 October 2007, Sunday
Time: 7.30pm
TV Channel: Channel NewsAsia
Programme: Documentary of The Week

*Encore tx: following Sat 8am, Sat 1pm & Sat 1.30pmhttp://www.channelnewsasia.com/tvshows/

Monday, October 22

Poisonous stuff?!

The Dirty Dozen Chemicals in Cosmetics
by Catherine Zandonella, M.P.H
Filed under: Cosmetics, Personal care products, Fragrances, Skin Care

What have human advancement done? We are self destructing. Even skincare and cosmetics has so much toxins? But... is there such thing as safe make-up? Need it!

Some pictures

With my phone's limited capacity to take photos, finally I can post some pictures from last week!

* got entry passes with some help from my sweet ex-colleague. * feasting on the world longest lasagne. All 530m of it - a charity project by Prego.
I heard it's delicious - cuz I don't eat beef.

Sunday, October 21


It's crippling to blog without a handphone camera! There were so much that I'd like to share over the last 2 weeks, but I couldn't capture it on picture.

Met a couple of frenz whom I have not met for some time. On top of work, managed to spend time with the 2 little babies, checked out the fashion week (though none of my biz now), did volunteer work, and I have completed my first 10km run!

Was running with a bad cough and phlegm caught in the throat, weather was super hot and i really wanted to give up. Training didn't feel this tough! Maybe cuz it's morning. Anyway i'm just glad to finish the race. StandChart coming up next!

Sunday, October 14

Singapore Fashion Week 07

It's here again. Been one year already since, so fast! Hope it's better this year.


German Delight

Had a satisfying meal on Saturday evening. N73 is still in hospital... So you can c it at Cynamie's blog instead.. =*


Thursday, October 11

N73 sucks

N73 died on me even before it's warranty ended! wat's wrong with Nokia?! it's the 3rd time i used a nokia phone that spoilt within 1 yr.

Maybe I shd just become smarter and use something else.

Meanwhile.. no more pix for time being. My old fone is only 1.3mp.. Hope it can be revived!

Monday, October 8

An evening out with lovely company.

The 2 little kids run around at the lobby while waiting for the cab to arrive.

* fresh awake from their naps, they are raring to go...

* Kojiro keeps singing to himself in the cab, in preparation for his performance the following day. It's graduation day!

* Ai-chan smiles for the camera
* at the restaurant... Ai-chan attempts to play with the condiments. She thinks they are toys...

* LV and Gucci. Arriving in style in their usual LV carrier. And you thought pets were not allowed. The owners of the Jap restaurant loved them! and he even kissed Gucci.

* LV wears a hand-stitched dress from her owner. By the way, the fabric really is from LV. and they are selling it on Yahoo Auction. Any takers? =P

Friday, October 5

Shoe lovers?

Wednesday, October 3

Little Angels back in town!

Finally got to c my little angels after almost 3 mths. See how much Ai-chan has grown in the 3 months. Now she can speak and run! She is only 1 yr 3 mths old...

Would have gotten more pix of them if my Nokia fone was not so faulty and laggy... the little gal has much more clothes and shoes than any of us. Mama spent at least $300 on her in the last 1 wk... beat that.

* Ai-chan in her new blouse and accessories.
* my favourite kid, Kojiro! Cutie, hope he grows up still looking like one...
* Oops, someone poo-poo. House stinks!

Tuesday, October 2

Bugis Food Court

Realised that Bugis's food court is relocated to the 3rd floor. Wow, it has nice seats and tables.

* my chicken, curry omelette rice... bland. looks nice, but not so.