Friday, August 31

Jay Gee warehouse sale

I think I had forwarded some of the information to some of you...
Just helping my friend to spread the msg...

Warehouse sale up to 80% off - 3 days only!

Brands: Levi's, docker's, Mexx & Liz Claiborne

Date: 31/08 - 01/09 (10am - 7pm) & 02/09 (11am - 6pm)

Location: Jay Gee Melwani House, 10 Genting Lane
(off Macpherson Rd)

Thursday, August 30

Custard Apple

Ok, i'm ulu. I never knew that this is called custard apple.

Menya Shinchan Japanese Noodle

JX brought me to this cosy Japanese restaurant tucked in the corner of private residential area at MS. His Japanese friend recommended him here, and he's now a big fan of the place. So am I now... Yummy...

I feel like I'm in Japan here, layout and style. Even the customers are Japanese. And the boss comes out to bow when you're leaving. Great service!

Keith in 8 days - featured on Felicia Chin

Monday, August 27

Watching my sis cook...

To my mum's horror, my sister wanted to cook something... Mum's worried she'll dirty the kitchen... lolz.

Step 1: beat the egg and season it * frying the omelette* end product - sweet black sauced - mashed omelette ...
* fried scallop

* and my sister showing off proudly that she can actually cook. honestly it's quite nice. but then again, should test her on more complicated cooking stuff. how bad can an egg taste =P

Sunday, August 26

Building a car from scratch.

And so 3 guys set out ot build their Tamiya remote control cars from scratch. This is the result of 7 hrs of concentration, coupled with numbness of the fingers from screwing in the parts.

The cars look kinda cool. And they sound real fast too. Can I play with them??!

* sean's car has the "drift" wheels. think initial D. wow....
* tham's sleek chilli-red ferrari. pity the headlights are not so realistic looking.

* ooh.. and ming's unpainted shell. a transparent BMW...

* erm, I spotted this carton on my friend's table. Brand "beauty women" - extra slimming cream. The packaging looks cheesy. But does it work?!! I want to use if it does!

The worst tea break of the week.

Had afternoon tea at TCC@Centrepoint branch, and it was horrific experience.
First, the iced water served had a plastic smell.

* and the, the drink I ordered was *gasp a shot of espresso. What the... they din state it in the menu! It's called "Nutello". I think I let out a sound of surprise when i saw it *faintz.

Check out the size difference, and it was so concentrated I had to drink lots of water after that.

* Guess what is this....

It's the base of my friend's american cheesecake. Does it remotely look like the crust of a cheesecake? Taste's like a cake too.

Zzzz... boycott TCC for awhile. I usually like it.

Saturday, August 25

A choice between 2 desserts...

We had dessert at the HK cafe at Marina Square.

Lesson learnt.
The mango dessert is more worth it than the triple (something) dessert.
Look at the difference on the inside.

* the triple topping dessert has a white "inside".
* the mango dessert is totally soaked in the topping.

Thursday, August 23

Keith in Urban

MAC Party@PLAY - "Smoke Signals"

Was invited to join in at joint party hosted by T.aFF and MAC, which launched its latest colours, themed "smoke signals". Never realised that there were so many small clubs in the Tanjong Pagar stretch... and we realised it seemed like a gay pub. So interesting! You should have seen the toilet...

* The centre stage was done up to look like a jazz bar. Models sashayed around for over an hour before the actual show was over. they had a few tables of makeup artists on hand to do touch ups using the latest colour.

Wanted to leave before the the exit..i thought i saw.. *gasp. KK Tan!! and so I stayed back to see the actual show before leaving.

* it was quite enjoyable on the whole, this is a change fr fashion shows. well, almost.

Marutama Ramen @ Central

Noel, had a craving for hot ramen, and suggested that we try out Marutama Ramen which i've always wanted to try too. So here we are all the way from Orchard for a steaming bowl of noodles.

* This picture looks like its taken overseas right? I kinda like it!

* do we look like we're studying? ...
* nah... we're just reading the menu!
* the long awaited bowl of noodles. It's really tasty, though i find it abit too salty. Looks plain, so I added another egg after eating halfway... and it was really salty, though nice!

Good hawker food

* Fried fish bee hoon at Marine Parade Hawker Centre. The soup is so tasty, I did not eat it with the usual chilli...
* and another meal at Outram Park, the temporary market... so many nice stuff to eat... until I was down with gastric flu over the weekend...

Monday, August 20


Have you ever heard of Kazakstan? Was surfing around the Asiaone as usual, when I came across this old article. And I realised that, many years back when I was an undegrad, our IBE lecturer urged us to be enterprising and look to Kazakhstan, where he said would be up and coming in the near future.

None of us really knew where or how the place was. And now, I see it in the papers. Wow, academics would really make it big as entrepreneurs if they venture out!

"S'poreans make most of booming Kazakhstan

Thanks to booming energy sector, economic reform, good harvests and foreign investment, Kazakhstan's economy grew by 8 per cent on average between 2002 and 2006 Ong Soh ChinWed, May 02, 2007The Straits Times "

Read the full story:

Sunday, August 19

China Scam

I got a call firsthand today by some person involved in a scam. From a China lady. It's definitely a scam, and I'm pissed with her. Sorry frenz, nothing to do with the Chinese, but it's just another rude person I've met. I've read about it in the papers before, but never thought I'll get a firsthand experience.

In mandarin: all in one breath in a mainland chinese accent. put that at a length of 20sec.

1) phone rings
2) Hi Miss, can you understand mandarin?
3) blah blah blah, until now, i have no idea where she is from.
4) mentions that I'm invited to go to Macau to visit some place...
5) and asks me to register it urgently somewhere
6) tells her not interested.
7) She slams phone in the midst of saying something.

Half the time, I had no idea what she was talking about, because of her strong accent, and obviously memorised script.

Man, maybe I should learn to do my telephone script the way like her?! Difference is, I will never slam the phone on someone. Go away u rude people!!!

Just want to warn all of you to be careful. It's no longer a Nigerian scam. Now Chinese scams are the rage.

Some reading:

Thursday, August 16


I've always not been a fan of local production. On my sis's insistence, I went to catch this show, which i thought was super corny and loud. And it is corny and loud, but enjoyable. It attracted even the older generation, noticed many aunties and uncles for the first time.

Though quite ridiculously unrealistic at times, it was a rollercoaster ride, with v hilarious moments, as well as v sad ones.

My favourite character was the auntie, who is a real getai singer. cool. The hokkien used was so fluent! I think its not too bad =)

Hard day's work.

Been ages since I wrote anything less than happy in my blog. Felt really down after an appointment earlier initially. But I've got over it, all within 2 hours.
Again i turn to look for another light,

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Authentically you Causing others to lose is not the way to win. The way to win is to create value where there was none before.

I did a great job but there were odds against me. Something good will come out of it cuz I created value.

Tuesday, August 14

Sunday, August 12

A day out at the Beach

First time to Sentosa after almost 2 years. First time taking the train into Sentosa. Only the 2 of us, but we're good at entertaining ourselves.

* actually, i have no desire for a tan. Was there to accompany cynamie. and check out del mar...
Had to reapply sunblock for many many times! And still got some patchy sunburnt parts due to poor application.

* having only chips and pancake for lunch. we went for a 2nd round after the beach. $2 per set at Vivo City KopitTiam. Not very nice, but cheap.

On a heritage trail

Went on a heritage trail unexpectedly. Almost toured the whole of Raffles Place. And it turned out to be quite enjoyable. Felt like a tourist.

Ma Zu Temple

Museum (forgot the name. Its next to Far East Square)

And my supper... Gotta burn it off!

Saturday, August 11

"Money affairs for women"

And another one. It's a older article, in the month of July.

"Money affairs for women

The modern woman has many successes to celebrate - a soaring career, financial independence, her own hobbies and pursuits, and for many, a happy and healthy family life that tops it all.
But is she doing enough to ensure these successes are not eroded later on in life?"

Read the article at:

Friday, August 10

An article from "Mind Your Body"

Just to share this article that was in the papers recently.

"Insure against health costs

Everyone knows a horror story. A simple procedure turns into a nightmare of complications, inflating a hospital stay from days to months, and the cost in the process. "

Read the full article at:

Thursday, August 9

Keith on Urban Cover

* Keith's dress makes it to the NDP issue of Urban.

Justina's 21st birthday!

Was invited to my ex-staff's bd party at Aloha Loyang... and on National Day itself... missed the parade on tv though.

* birthday ger! * full of food. This is one of the rare birthday parties that I've got to eat so much! and the bbq food standard was almost like zhi char store. Cool. Feeling bloated from over-eating.

And its the first time I've seen a 2 tiered birthday cake. It really looks more like a wedding cake. * well, we dirtied the place all around... confetti all around.