Sunday, July 29

Over the wkend

Celebrated a belated bd for CY... Nothing special though, we just had a "tea break" at NYDC.
* Ice cream sundae... nice but price is abit too steep.

* Cheese cake

* Spud niks. for potato lovers. And pizza - not in picture.

Friday evening - Suntec City

Was waiting around for my fren on fri when i saw the exhibition by the heritage board. Brings back lotsa memories!

* love the retro clock. and there were many games like "donkey", "snap", even water tumblers from primary school days. ahh... kinda miss my childhood. Those were the days...

Thursday, July 26

Hua Yi Restaurant - or something...

Had a great lunch treat today! The restaurant, or rather eatery (cuz its v small) served very nice chinese food. I'm not sure how to categorize them, its like la mian xiao long bao stuff.

I really wanted to be nice, and share the info with the rest. But the rigid waitress said "no picture taking pls". So BAD REVIEWS for u... Other than that, service was quite ok. But food is CONFIRMED nice.. haha!

* spicy and sour soup

* xiao long bao. (better than ding tai feng. i tink even crystal jade)

We also had guo tie, black pepper chicken noodles, and my favourite red bean paste pancake! As my good friends would have known, I can only tell between very nice or very bad food. All the rest are the same to me ... This one is nice.

Wednesday, July 25

Stand Chart Marathon

Hello... Anybody want to run 10km for Stand Chart Marathon? 42km and 21km folks not applicable... I need a 10km kaki badly.. Pls email or sms me if you wanna join too...!!

And, GE Women's Run?


Ooh a sweet fren of mine got me Hello Kitty presents from HK! =) my collection expands, yet again!

Monday, July 23

Lunch at Tonkichi

Had lunch today at Tonkichi Ngee Ann City... Hungry me had no patience to take a nice picture of the food. This was a platter for 2... and had chawan mushi too. yummy! Platter for 2 is quite value for $$, it came along with fruits as well.
Not a very productive day on the whole, but had really pleasant afternoon...

Sunday, July 22

Sunday at East Coast

Tried to train for my run this week at East Coast. Weather was great!
But guess, its a bad idea, because I have no idea how far I ran....

It's actually very refreshing to be up early at the beach. Shall do it again!

Saturday, July 21

A whole day. At the guild house...

Hardworking us met up for tennis game at the guild house 9 - 11am.
Almost all of us were late! Guess it's kinda early.

* sandra & zhen
* spot tiny doris in the pic.
* view from the bench...
* and the weather is great!
* had a great evening with my family, full dinner, sis & mum sang at ktv room, dad watched soccer with beer... see my cheeky sis...

* and she has the whole of the common ktv room to herself. just like a superstar... but she can sing very well. and, well she made frenz by just walking around. wat a people magnet.

Excerpt from a book i read today...

This is kinda distorted, as I *ahem, took a picture off the book. I wanted to copy it down, but guess the camera is useful as a photocopier as well!

What's your dream?

Thursday, July 19

Keith in Citta Bella...

Keith made it to a feature again. Spotted a typo error! =P

Wednesday, July 18


Kinda touched by the clip...

3rd week of July... time flies!

Been lazy to take pix of my food these days... and been dining with people i'm not so familiar with.. paiseh to take!

* Had ramen at asian kitchen earlier this week. duck noodles, its not bad. Had guo tie too, but apparently I did not manage to capture the picture.

JS Tan's farewell: Bee Hiang Restaurant (Amoy St)
Did not take pictures of most of the food. Cuz it was such a big group, the its hard to stop people from picking from the food... We were super FULL from the dinner.

* the more unique dish: fried tofu, with sour plum sauce and pork floss. very nice.
* and the other nicer dish of the evening. Kong Ba Pao.

Actually dinner wasn't so nice, but apparently Beng Hian is old name, should be good. It's normal to me. Personal opinion.

Dinner: SuperDog (Vivo City)

Had dinner with Fong to pass some stuff back... and he recommended this place. * first time at Superdog, but hey the hotdog is kinda nice. It's a change from the normal fast food.
* caught Fong in action, taking pix. hehe...

Sunday, July 15

谢谢您, 杨老师。

With the recent demise of our beloved ex-conductor of PAYCO, Mr Yeo Puay Hian, on the 11th of July 2007, it brought to me many thoughts of the past. Of how fast time had flew past since we joined the orchestra.

I went back searching, for the pictures of the many years of memories we had in the past.

And, I am very upset that some of the cds that contain the pictures are damaged. And I could not find a single program booklet that I had particpated in the past. Guess I threw them away accidentally. Does anyone has "terracotta warriors" booklet?

* Our beloved instructor, Mr Yeo. Thanks for being so patient with us when we were playful, and lazy to practice. Sometimes, we were even slow to understand the instructions. But you were ever so nice, and called us "小朋友们”. And he never ever got angry with us.

A teacher with a strong passion for the music and arts, and an advocate of the lifelong learning of music. I remembered he once said, "玩音乐的小朋友是不会学坏的”.

* the only remnants I found. Musical Festival in the Forest, where only the kids were involved.

* and the booklet of the very first performance I ever went to for PAYCO before I joined them. Sunday, 17 July 1994, 5pm, Victoria Concert Hall (that is nearly 13 yrs ago).

* Do you all remember this logo? it was 6 years ago when we had the 20th anniversary huge celebration. This was done by Kechong.

* and this would be the last music camp that my batch went to.
* and the only group photo that I could find for now. I miss those days. We complained alot, but thinking back, it was really good fun.

Please always count your blessings, and do not take people for granted. You'll never know.

National Museum

I read in my Trini's blog about the new museum being interesting, so I thought to check it out this afternoon.

* Went abit too late, and ended up only visiting the free exhibition "Archive In Motion"
Shall visit the museum again sometime.
* I had some fun tracing over the wooden template blocks. All of them are pretty much Singapore themed. Like the merlion head.

* I really love this art installation. Its a row of 8 chandeliers, which are set in different sets of motion at intervals. The one in the picture is called "opposing". It's such a beautiful installation.

Friday, July 13

An evening out at Bugis

Had dinner today with my nice little group of ex-colleagues. Went to Ajitei at Bugis.
Have always wanted to try out the place, but its a place easily forgotten...

* Joan dear was so hungry, we ordered a side dish first. This yummy plate (can't remember the name) of cabbage and eggs are very nice! and it's $3.80. Nicer and cheaper than Waraku.

* my dinner set of unagi. yummy, but guess I overate.

* Joan's ramen. She says its too salty, and, its not as nice as Ajisen. But we suspect it could be the same soup base, since its the same co.?
* and had dessert at "Ah Chew Desserts" at Liang Seah St. It's really packed. And the desserts are only so-so. And we had to be chased out to give way to the never-ending stream of customers.

Skip there unless u have a craving.

What Finger Are You?

You Are a Pinky

You are fiercely independent, and possibly downright weird.
A great communicator, you can get along with almost anyone.
You are kind and sympathetic. You support all your friends - and love them for who they are.

You get along well with: The Ring Finger

Stay away from: The Thumb

Assorted updates

Have been forgetting to take and upload pictures of my food recently.... Been having more common food at food courts and stuff. So there is nothing much to put up these days. =(

Someone bring me for nice food!
* had this sour and spicy chicken ramen with gyoza at lau pa sat. It's not bad actually!

* and this was my lunch yesterday, at Purvis St branch Killiney road. Claypot chicken. This one nice! The helping is huge. But I finished it anyway.

* a more light-hearted moment, testing the quality of Jason's N95 model.

* and yes I hitched a ride home with Grace and Esther. My part of the ride back was by Esther. The ger passed her exams juz a few days ago, and i am her 4th passenger.

I did get freaked when she asked "where's the accelerator?". But guess she is a decent driver for a rookie! Just be more careful, ger. Dun forget the signals, and dun tailgate ok?!

Wednesday, July 11


I came across this message while browsing through cards in Borders. The message came across to me really strongly. It's both positive and morbid at the same time.

"Live today like it is your last day because one day you will be right."

And i saw it later in the day after learning that someone I respected passed on this morning. The news came one week after visiting him in the hospital.

It felt strange, to learn the news, as at the moment of receiving the news, I was holding onto a pen, preparing to write a card to him. Devastating.

Tuesday, July 10

Greenhouse@Lime Flea market

Just to share a little notice from my fren selling accessories online.

Visit Green-House ( @ the Lime flea market.

Sunday, July 8

Hyacinth - Boon Tat Street

Our friend Joann invested in a cafe/bar which had its soft launch yesterday night. It's located at Boon Tat St, which round the corner of the street parallel to Club St. Opens fr 11am - 2am.

Ok, we realised that the best way to find it is to exit by Far East Square, Fire Gate. Cross the road, and you will spot Boon Tat St directly opposite.

* Nice signboard to the bar.
* the bar looks narrow from the entrance, but that's only one half of the place.
* plush orange velvet bench and high back chairs.
* Beautiful repeated patterns on the lighted bar counter.
* The partner, Joann.
* Walking deeper in, there is a large pond and leads to the VIP room, kitchen and washroom. I really liked this section of the place. * view from the VIP room. * the glass effect. * Picture taking sessions are a common among our group of friends. * me and qiuling! * we love this corner. it has a really cool backdrop. * fried buttom mushrooms * Zhihan's drink - Basil mojito.

Does't it look like boiled soup with parsley? =P * Xy's drink something Dragon... was the nicest personally. cuz it's kinda natural and sweet. It's dragonfruit (CY said dragonfly, lolz), strawberry and lime. * Bed of Roses. Din really like it at first taste. It's a mixture of rose syrup, lime and vodka. * satay escargot. my first time eating escargot. since it din come along with the shells, it didn't gross me out by just by looking at it =P

Verdict: The beer was my favourite. The place is beautiful, ambience is good. Just twitches to some stuff and it could be a really nice place to hang out.

* Our supper Cheese Prata! As there were limited choice of finger food, and all of us were peckish, our long time affair with prata is rekindled. We used to have prata after our PA late nite practices. those were the days.