Sunday, July 27

Retro Party!

Juz organized a Retro themed party for fun. Invited quite a no. of pple, but many can't make it! However, we had our own share of fun eating 80's snacks and food. Also digging out our dusty games. Was pretty fun to play these games after so many yrs!

Next theme party - costume. But let's pass the responsibility to the next person!

* green spot, coca-cola and F&N. "pop" water of those days.
* curry, agar agar, and fried noodles etc.
* no. 8 sweets. M&M in those days.
* juz love munching the candy off before eating the biscuit.
* Hungry Hippos. Very popular in those days! * Board games, snap and happy family. donkey anyone? * mum joins in to play game of five stones. looks like she enjoyed herself too! * blowing bubbles. feeling like glue sniffing.
* the expert in blowing bubbles. * engrossed in a game of chess. *retro gals. best dressed one. no prizes for guessing. it's cynamie!!

* corny pose * 80's bengs* sis joins in with her most corny pose.

Thursday, July 17


Dear 师父 booked us a yacht trip from One degree 15 Marina. Forgot the size of the yacht... it's a nice size. It's a reward after being grilled for a half yr review...

Started out with sunny weather...

and I forgot to take picture of the cabin! how blur.

my colleagues had the urge to do the "titanic".
while 2 of us were bz sea-sicking... the rest of us were munching away on tapas and chips.

high life. as i imagined myself to be doing as a norm.
` kusu island. my maiden trip. so small.

no pictures allowed in the temple. so here are the famous turtles.

fantastic view of the city skyline from kusu island

"cheng ho" vessel

the distance between sister's island

the ones who lazed and din visit kusu

pulau hantu. how many of you have been there? it's totally empty.

map of pulau hantu. as u can c, it is totally empty except for seats. and some bbq pits. for who?

as if i could navigate the yacht. i need a skipper!

*** so relaxed i forgot to end off with taking more pix. there was a cute young boy (one of the staff) on the yacht who entertained us with card tricks.

*** had dinner (food again?) at newton food centre. yawn, another day has passed. raring to go, till i am put out of action again. argh!

Wednesday, July 16


Of my sprained ankle. Thank god it's only a sprain. Many years ago i had a dislocation. Ouch!

Silly me thought nothing of it and proceeded to go out for dinner. Walked a long distance in my 2.5 inch heels. Until I took off my shoes when I reached home then I felt the pain.

There goes my shape run. I know I din train, but I meant to try completing it!

And yes I want to pass my driving so badly. I limped to driving lessons. and drove with my poor hurt ankle. but i figured driving isn't as painful as to walk.

Sunday, July 13

Media coverage for Hide&Seek

Hide&Seek's been getting quite alot of media interviews recently!

* Sat's (12th July) Life!
* Lin Chiling wearing Koops at her recent publicity in S'p for Red Cliff.

* Joi Chua in Koops for the very recent Taiwanese Golden Bell Awards
* H&S in Project Smitten

Tuesday, July 8

Mini OG dinner

Of our "OG" dinner last wk after so 5mths! Isn't the 6 of us quite a small group already? And we have 2 auditors working OT and 1 overseas. Turned out to be only 3 of us. Had a not so fantastic meal of bak kut teh at Food Republic and nostalgic "tu tu kueh". Then drinks at Pacific Coffee.

Looking forward to the next outing at Feng's place! Hope all of us can make it then.

Monday, July 7

Mambo Jambo Dance Off

Anyone keen to go 9th July Mambo Jambo 16th Anniversary - The Ultimate Mambo Jambo dance-off? 10 - 1130pm. Think it's a competition using those mass dance moves. It won't be long if the retro songs of our times become oldies.

Sunday, July 6

A visit to the Zoo.

Have not visited the zoo for at least 10 yrs! I can't even remember who I went with the last round. Think it's with my family... Could not really remember if I have ever seen Giraffes at the zoo, so really wanted to verify it for myself.

If you visit the zoo... i suggest you take the entrance tickets without the tram ride. Cheaper.. and actually the zoo is quite small. you don't need to take the tram at all unless you are bringing the kids along.

* colourful entry tickets * upon entering the zoo, we were asked to take pictures by the zoo pple. and they sell it at the point where u can view the pix. very enterprising. * ming w the runned-down jeep. * we sped off to see the giraffe at the feeding time. and i'm so happy to see them. it's a really beautiful animal. * the cutest animal in the zoo! meerkat. it's on a sentry duty. super cute!!! it looks bored, and like it's waiting for the longest time. and it really looks like it's on sentry duty. it's a must see animal...
* horse drawn carriage. wanted to take a ride but din manage to do so. it started pouring the moment we finished viewing the last animal...
* us and the giant tortoise
* us and the "golden tortoise"
* beautiful white tigers. this must be the only animal that I'm sure I'ad never seen before at the zoo donkey yrs ago.

* i love this shot of the orang utan relaxing and chewing on the leaves.
* the pelican has a gorgeous coat of colour.

Posted most of the pix in facebook.. lazy to repost all in the blog. =P