Friday, November 27


MaZe, An Chyi, Pauline, Aiko & I went to KittyLab this morning. Sad to say, KittyLab was not as good as Hide&Seek last year. It was too adult, too small scale, lack of exhibits too. What's up with the lame electronic games? The stations are also not equipped for kids! They could have had some stands for kids. And there are TOO many instructions which I'm sure kids wouldn't understand.

There were already such few places to take pictures but they still restricted photography? What the?! Anyway we caught a few shots for fun.

Even for a kitty fan, I think it's kind of disappointing. Hope if there's any in future, it could be much better.

* ticketing counter

* pauline n aiko.

* aiko - hair messed up.

* my favourite. KT Chanel bags!

* Kitty Post Box. If only all these postboxes are as cute ...

* yawn!

Wednesday, November 25

933 Golden Pillow

Ordered 933 Golden Pillow for lunch today with my friends. I feel that it is really easy to order, can fax in or call! And they responded to my fax within 5 minutes. Plus they did deliver asap as promised though the delivery time slot was later.

Food was pretty good too. Just that it's a tad cold. Worth a change from pizza hut/mac delivery for a change. And they gave a bread shaped magnet with the delivery number. Super good at doing biz!

Friday, November 20

Post Wedding Thoughts

It's been 2 weeks since the big day. It still feels surreal - almost like a dream. Why did it end so quickly? Was such a fun day! 2 weeks since and I still have not thanked everyone. Wonder why I'm so busy. I shall try to reach out to as many as I can this weekend.

Pity didn't get to take as many pix with every single person as I wanted to. Luckily many of our friends took candid shots. I love all the pix! Here are some of them...

* Kojiro and Keith. This is really the sweetest picture of all! The 2 guys (besides my papa and WM) whom I love in the same picture! How good they look together...

* ah... the memory of being fussed around. It may be the 1 and only time I get the privilege. (hope not the last!)

* the 2 men who helped made me pretty!

* and 2 great gals who were there to help me change... (Cynamie & my sisters were busy co-ordinating, so not in pic!)

* the Family who has always been so kind and helpful towards me!

* All the brothers & sisters

* and with the man who made it all possible.. haha!

Of course many more people to thank! - but I don't really have all the good photos. Hope I'll receive more photos to share! The official pix will only be out 6 - 8weeks later. Shall share it once i have them.

Sephora Sale

MaZe helped me to get 2 good buys from the Sale! Heard it's pretty value for money. Check it out!

Sunday, November 15

Keith Blogs on OMY.

I decided to resume blogspot... It's more interesting than tumblr. Shall try to blog more often now.

Keith has his own blog on OMY alongside the other celebrities! Read all about his insights on fashion and interesting events at .