Sunday, June 29

Fri Evening@Mount Emily

We went all the way to ulu Mount Emily for dinner at Wild Rockets Restaurant. Fine dining prices. Location was exotic, parking super limited too. (Put up food pix later). Menu is actually quite limited as well, but was not bad. Had laksa pesto for main.

* beer and pellegrino (in background)
* lychee martini?

* my foie gras starter
* my laksa pesto spaghetti
* can't remember wat's this.. ragout pork spaghetti?

*lamb shank
* zh's dessert... oooh.. * side dish of sweet potato.
* then headed to Dempsey for dessert@ ben & jerry's! Yummy yummy!

Sunday, June 22

Updates of the kids. June 08.

Hardly had time for the kids this trip. Some updates of the cuties!

Friday, June 20

My First Jumbo Seafood Visit...

On my first visit to Jumbo Seafood (ok i'm suaku...), I did not have a single piece of crab. Craps! How about being seriously ill for the past 4 days, and not being able to enjoy food.

Nevertheless, it was Lee-shao's birthday, and i decided to put myself through the torture of watching...

* Stoopid ZH asked me to pass him the beer.... and I obliged. Only to have been conned to do so. It was the beer for the neighbouring table! The waitress saw and thought I was trying to be funny and pilfer the beer! Argh.

* See the rich boy tapping away on a Mont Blanc stylus on his PDA phone. Anyone uses a Mont Blanc as a stylus, and not a pen?

* Crabs!
* and our happy birthday boy with his crabs... * fried chicken that I can't have...* with ZH showing a greedy look at how yummy it is...
* and HY showing off the humongous pincers that she was eating.* but look at my dinner. so healthy. it's actually a very nice piece of dory fish. Except that I really wanted to try the crabs, and kang kong, and chicken etc...
* Not to be outdone, i got to have a dessert to round off. Oh and it's the only warm dessert in the menu. -_-"

I'll get well soon!

Wednesday, June 18

Dressing up for a party!

Had great fun taking pix after everyone dressed up for the theme party! Multi-cultural day. We had Indians, Japanese, Middle-east beauty, Greek Goddess, Korean, Malays, Chinese aka Mdm Wong style....

Were not allowed to put up the other fotos though... good fun! Must organise one more again!

* me and Cindy in our yukata. first time worn since we bought it years ago. finally put to good use!

Sunday, June 15

Back in action!

Caught a nasty flu bug last wk and put me out of action... Lost 3kg of water and muscles.
Almost well. Await more updates!

Tuesday, June 10

Sex and the City - The Movie

Been so difficult to blog with my E51! that camera is really not good for documenting my day... I'm considering to carry a camera at all times..

Oh yes, Sex and the City is one girly movie... Fluffy and entertaining. Though the characters are kind of old for the girly action, but they're in great shape. And i love their stylist! Am inspired to dress up after watching the show. But not in the mood till my pimples clear... what's it with the breakout.. argh!

Love the penthouse. Love the walk-in wardrobe. Love the Vogue wedding shoot. Love the clothes and shoes. Ah... in the world of fantasy. Everything looks gd. Everytime.

Sunday, June 1

The baby is mine!

The A170 is mine! I've put the downpayment for the baby today, and I'll get it hopefully by Thurs on my birthday! Can't wait to get my hands on it...