Wednesday, April 30


Any fans of flea markets?! There's one coming this weekend. Seems exciting, my friend says there are over 40 stores.

Check out for more info.

Date: 03/05/2008
Day : Saturday
Time: 12-7pm
Place: Sculture Square
Add: 155 Middle Road S(188977)

Tuesday, April 29

The best motivation class ever.

* Of an unforgettable motivation class that I have ever attended. And unimaginable. Such a privilege to attend this seminar which the trainer had stopped conducting for the last 4 yrs!

It would be great if everyone went through it at some point in our lives. It's not a sales seminar, and it breaches subjects that are so close to our hearts.

I came back feeling so battered and vulnerable. But it's all for the better.

"Know Thyself". Do you?

Sunday, April 20

Hide & Seek

Come check out Keith's latest baby. Hide & Seek! The signboard is mounted on. It's opened already but not officially launched. I have a small part in this project so let me know if you're going down! Will try to be there.

Seeking out the Best in Hiding" is what the shop is all about. Hidden in the quiet but charming Hong Kong Street, Hide & Seek presents the most unique and interesting ideas/ art/ collection/ works/ lifestyle/ fashion.


Come and Play,Open : Mon ~ Sat 11am till 8pm

Payment mode: Cash and Card (Visa/ Master/ Diners/ Amex)


Japan trip (Part 1)

Was a fruitful and busy biz trip this time round.

How about getting surprised by a weather of 9degree celsius when u expected 12degrees.

Being caught in the rain while you were transiting to the hotel.

And being surprised by stairs after stairs at the railway station with no elevators and escalators with you bags of luggage.

Anyhow it was a good trip albeit a tiring one. It's a good exposure and so many new things learnt. So few photos taken, cuz blur me took the wrong camera cable out!

Wednesday, April 9

Blog Break

I will be away from 10 - 17th April. Please await new updates when I am back.

Thursday, April 3

ASICs sale

Wednesday, April 2

Aiko - the Shoe-aholic

Aiko popped by town last month, and we had 2 hours of shopping, for her alone!
Those who thinks that I'm a shopaholic should eat their words! This is the real thing.

Only 2 and a half yrs old. This gal has a greater sense of satisfaction from shopping than me! She never walks out without a bag in hand.

* Trying shoes at forum. She readily sits at the bench and waits for her size to be given.
* Refusing to budge until she sees a purchase * Yay, bag in hand. She carries it just like a taitai!
* Still unwilling to leave Forum. Until she hears of more shopping!

* At Vivo. Another shoe shop. You should have seen how happy she was to be in here. She picks up a shoe, and looks for a bench to sit and try. Multiple times. And she does put it back if you tell her that it's ugly.

End of day - She walked away with 2 pairs of shoes and a Zara dress.