Saturday, March 29


Of someone's collector stuff. Can't appreciate it, think it's boys thing?

Of food I ate..

Been so forgetful to take pictures of food I ate since my HP drove me crazy.
I'm going to change one v soon. And bring a camera out instead!

Had lots of lovely food this month, feeling my waistline streching. And some of them were not taken, cuz of environment, as well as the unfamiliar companions...

Tuesday, March 18

Video Ezy Warehouse Sale

* Just to share this info I got fr HY... Any video fans...?

Monday, March 17

Condo with a good location...

Went to visit my fren who was shifting at to his new place...
Near Boon Keng area. V peaceful location.

* The view from the living room and the first bedroom.

* View from the 2nd room. Super unblocked. They say the night view is even better. There is a recess area at the window where u can sit to enjoy the view. Ahh...

* An imported chandelier. I love it, so whimsical cute and princessy at the same time!

* Swimming pool at rooftop. It's flanked by 2 pent house units. I dun think there is much privacy for both the swimmers and the penthouse owners though. Either way, you will feel like someone is looking at you...
* Baby pool at the ground level with bbq pit and mini gym. And why is the baby pool and lap pool separated? Beats us. Think it's a space constraint... So either the adult swim or the kid swim.
* smallest playground unit i've come across. though small, my dear fren managed to slide down without getting stuck though. and he's a fully grown man. a proof that he's still slim.
Overall, I love the layout of the place. Din take pictures of the home itself for privacy reasons. Too bad about not driving, it's so near to PIE. And you have to change buses to get to the mrt. but then again, condos are like that, it's hardly near the mrt due to the privacy u get. very comfortable environment.
looking forward to the housewarming!

Do you know what is this?

Was bewildered when i saw this packet of apparently edible items. Have you ever seen it before?

* It's actually walnuts! So sua ku.. I've never seen walnuts in their shell before! This bag of nuts is from Shanghai, doubt you can buy such fresh nuts locally. It is super good!!!! I've never tasted such fresh nuts before. Yummy!

Thursday, March 13

Private Sale

I am such a good gal! One and half hours in the private sale, and I only bought 2 skincare essentials!

Can't believe how far I've come. I'm so proud of myself. ;)

“Protect your Life”

Just to share an article that was featured in the Shape Magazine, Jan issue.

Very much a common issue of people taking health for granted.

Where everyone thinks that getting sick is just a visit to the GP.

When ill health wreaked havoc on the life of a fresh graduate when she least expected it when life has just started.

Of driving and cars

I'm learning driving this yr, and it's not as easy as everyone tells me it is.

Advance theory is coming round the corner and I don't seem to understand it very well yet.

I hope I can pass soon.

Already looking at cars before I have my license.

How I wonder if I'd be able to get this for my first car. It's so cute!

Tuesday, March 11

Isetan Gathering

Cyn and Fishy Fish has already posted the pix, I'm abit slow! A snapshot of the Isetan gathering last Saturday. They went for $10 ktv singing at Chinatown in the afternoon, which i skipped. Ktv is not my thing and... I can't sing for nuts!

* Indo Food @ Riverside
* Food galore. Not exactly very cheap for Indo food. but it's not bad.
* everyone's bz talkin!
* me and cindy * me, cindy, cyn * me and cindy again. i like this frame template! suits me..... * group photo after dinner * 2nd round for some of us. After walking an awfully long distance, we finally settled at Gallery Hotel. * me and my new fren Ally. i'm old, it's one yr since i left. and this gal is a "baby" in the family!


Monday, March 10

Grandma's Birthday

Of the birthday of the grand dame in my family, all of 82!
How I cant imagine how life will be at such an age. Will I live so long...?

* Lana Cake. why is it so famous? * she's in good mood this day, managed to blow out most of the candles. Sometimes she really cannot find the energy to blow it.

* see how catering has become these days. they serve it in aluminim trays, no more trays with heater. so that they do not need to come collect after. how brilliant. and not eco-friendly.

* guests hanging around. all are family. nowadays old neighbours and friends are not invited, cuz ah ma doesn't have enough energy to entertain all.

Wednesday, March 5

Noise Pollution

I'm sorry, I had to gripe again. About something that I'm really troubled about.

The invention of handphones with a music player function is not meant for your convenient to blast music on public transport. You can do that at the beach or in the privacy of your home though.

Dear kids, it is so very uncool to do that, do you know? It not only disturbs the other commuters, it also shows how bad your taste in music is. It is so annoying to assume that everyone else shares the same liking to your genre of music. Imagine an uncle starts playing some Hokkien no. which u really do not like.

Come to think of it. You only hear people blast pop or techno. Anyone heard of someone blasting Mozart in the train? Maybe the term "high-class" does really apply to classical.

Tuesday, March 4

Of Tights and Fashion

May I know if any of you ladies wear tights as trousers by itself?

Do not mean to be rude but am so very put off by the sight of female bums in tights. Is it not obscene to be able to see the derriere's outline so clearly. It is like underwear.

And so many young gals are actually wearing it by itself these days. Is that still a fashion trend? And we are not exactly in autumn/winter or going horseriding.