Tuesday, May 27

I love this!

I really love this car. But everyone who's really gd at cars think it's not the best buy. Do i really have to get a Honda/Toyota? I know Jap cars are value for $ and fuel efficient. But I like this one so much.

Monday, May 26

Of clubbing on a Saturday night.

I have not been clubbing for the longest time ever. Since the smoking ban was imposed, I had never stepped into a club till last saturday! We ended up at MOS instead of Lunar. Thank goodness. XY used the word "chin cheong". Din really get wat it meant. But doesn't sound v nice to me.

Expecting a fun night out partying, we ended up having an ahem -"interesting" time with company who are not my kind of usual frenz profile. Nevertheless, it another self-entertaining night with my best buddy. As usual, we can always "相依为命" in any kind of scenario.

Alright, I guess Zouk's still my thing. Dun like MOS as much. miss MAMBO. can they juz change it to a fri or sat nite?!

* our usual routine of posing in the ladies at MOS. nvr fail.

Amendment to Email

Dear all,

If you had received my initial email on the Centennial Promotion product called "Supreme Savers", my apologies, there is a mistake in 2 of the below rates. The ones highlighted in red are the correct figures, after amendment.

An interested party who received it contacted the company to re-confirm, who in turn contacted me to inform of the error. Thanks, whoever you are, it would have been good if you had emailed to me to reconfirm.

Will re-send email to revise the rates. So sorry for any inconveniences caused!

Projected return:
$8k - $39.999k : 3.18%
$40k - $99.999k : 3.28%
>$100k : 3.38%

Sunday, May 25

Press Ad In Sunday Times - Great Eastern

Just to give thanks to my clients and friends who supported me since I started out in the business! With your help, I had qualified for little award. Though it's the smallest qualification, but it means alot in encouraging me to do the work that I do. Thank you!

Saturday, May 24

Achiever's Night 2008

Time flies, it's been another year since Achiever's Night. Last year, I went as a guest, but this year as a qualifier. Got to work hard to qualify again next year!

This yr is much more exciting, my team has expanded and my mgr's wife joined us! I love having gals to take photos together!

* gals doing hair and make-up
* Clockwise from top: me, yaohui, ivan, robert, madeline, mak and mr ang
*striking a pose

* me and my shifu!

* attendees at our table for the night.

Tuesday, May 20

Southern Ridges

Very hot day. And you know what? We went there and started the walk at 11.40!

How about 2 layers of SPF50 sunblock. It saved me from being sunburnt, though i did felt sore after that. But I'm still one shade darker!!!

Man, but at least good effort to be outdoors away fr the shopping mall! Damage control. Gals time to start running.

Auntie Doreen's 60th Birthday

* my niece, Rain.
* blur pix. =( ian, ah bi, me and rain

* loving siblings
* robin and the kids
* picture of my table. lovely company i had for the evening!

St Regis

Had a good wkend stay at St Regis. Brand new hotel, low occupancy, new everything. I love the place! Cynamie had blogged alot about the place already, so juz to add on other pictures ...

Thursday, May 15

Yay I've got my pillow!

Yay! I've got the pillow I wanted.. contour queen L sized. Pray that it really works for the price. looking forward to a great night's sleep!

Wednesday, May 14

Verline's Wedding

Another one of my frenz got married! Vel was married at Raffles Marina last Saturday...
Seems like this is a good year for marriage, the very next day I got another invite to a wedding. One every 2 weeks!
* at the ulu Tuas area. How ulu is ulu? If u travel for like 20min without hardly seeing a car in front of yours.
* The sea is just behind the tent. great weather.
* outdoor setting

* me, chris and jean. A few rare occasion where we meet up together. Next stop, Hide&Seek!

Hide & Seek is featured in I-weekly!

I lost my copy of i-weekly! did somebody filch it from my work desk?! Darn. Poached this picture from Cynamie.

Hide and Seek is featured over 3 pages in the latest copy of i-weekly on page 80 - 82! And oh it is so great that Aniki Jin is on the cover. Definitely alot of girls will buy it the copy =)

TCS actress/host/ celebrity Patricia Mok has also featured the shop in her blog!

Sunday, May 11

Babysitting while kid's mum is away.

My mum accomapanied me to visit the 2 kids last wk at their homes while their mum was away in HK at work! So many pictures, so these are only some of it!

* trying to look "xiang qin xiang ai"

* angry face
* acting cute
* fake smile

* cute together!