Saturday, July 24

Singapore Garden Festival

I had a great day out last week at the Singapore Garden Festival with Ming & my parents. It's really a large hall for the main exhibit and I got really tired just viewing the 6th floor.

Just post up some of my favourite displays!

Thursday, July 15


Spotted this post in one of the local magazines. I may not be great in reading chinese but itreally puzzled me.

* The picture is a Gucci leh.... but the below text is LV? That Gucci wallet doesn't seems like it costs $700.

* but her profile pic shows her carrying the mentioned LV wallet. She mentioned a Coach in the interview though.

Puzzled. Or maybe I just didn't read the article properly.

Wednesday, July 7

Comment on "Siem Reap 2010"

I was very surprised to see the comment from the hotel I stayed in when I was at Siem Reap. This is the first time I seen such response from a place I blogged before. This is really quite nice way of keeping in touch with the guests.

You may have some idea of the kind of service you'll get there!

For some reason I was unable to publish the comment. So here it is!

Dear Pink Diary,

Thank you for choosing our resort while you were on holiday recently. It is gratifying that the Angkor Palace Resort & Spa played some part in your enjoyment of Cambodia and we hope it is not too long before we have the pleasure to welcome you and your family back, we remain.

Best regards,
Hang Vannak eCommerce Manager on behalf the entire Management & StaffAngkor Palace Resort & Sp – A SUMMIT Hotels & ResortsSiem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia

Monday, July 5

Siem Reap June 2010

* before i set off for Siem Reap. did some damage. I can never resist a cute palette!

* Siem Reap airport. A small place but it's really quite pretty. Like a resort.

* our lodging. Angkor Palace Resort. Great place and good value! We paid about SGD 90/night per pax. 5 star facilities and service.

* temples galore. Took us about 1 day plus to complete trekking through most of the temples. Had to skip some cuz it's too tiring!

* 2nd morning we chartered a tuk tuk to see the sunrise. Set off at 5am in the morning.

* sunrise at Angkor Wat. Lovely sight!

* settled into the tuk tuk. Just too lazy to get down and visit the last few temples.

* night out at the pub. cheap for singapore standards. the places are all quite chic!

* tomb raider.

* passed by padi fields.

* hotel rooms * what am I doing by the pool? I don't swim and I don't like the sun!

* my favourite hotel facility! the golf range! had a great time there. and was lucky a nice japanese man helped to coach me. Though he hardly spoke English, I managed to catch all his pointers. Fun practice!

*local roadside dishes. reminds me of BKK. suitable for me!

I say Siem Reap is worth a trip! But don't plan for a long trip. Thought there's just Angkor Wat worth visiting and take some time to enjoy the hotel facilities if you choose a good resort!