Monday, December 17

Natalie's presents

Baby Natalie is blessed to received gifts of love from our friends and relatives! Here are some of them..

Customized blanket and burp cloth from XY!

Hankie fr Angeline

Tshirt from Yaohui & Madeline

Many angbaos (these are only some of it)

Diaper bag fr Meijia

Outfit from FY & Lingling

Bangle from grand aunt & grand uncle

DOM & angbao fr auntie lily

From uncle Ivan

Ralph Lauren dress from my cousin kelvin & Denise

Beanie pillow fr auntie Michelle

Big stack of vouchers fr uncle lun

From ms chng & family

Pretty shoes from Vanessa

All these from Fai & Hoa

The most unexpected present. From my direct neighbours, Alan & Scarlett. Really sweet of them.

From my da yi. The most impt help I've received is from her. V thankful.

Auntie Doris took alot of effort to visit me at Thomson. The bad weather vs the troublesome transport, not to mention her weak legs. Really v touched. My aunties do love me!

From my beloved colleagues.

From Pauline

From Susan

From JB & Tresia

And many more gifts ... Thank you everyone of you.

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Tuesday, December 11

New case

Finally a new case for my phone! It went on sale a wk after I ordered .. Grr..

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