Tuesday, April 28

Away from 29th April - 6th May

I think technology is great. I can announce my absense on all the alternative sources like email vacation response, facebook, msn etc.

I'm going to Shanghai and Hangzhou... hoping that it'll turn out better than I expected. And I shall take plenty of pix with my new sony cybershot!

Shall update when i'm back!

Manpuku @ Tampines 1

Was with maZe and Cynamie at Tampines 1 at Manpuku. I only joined them for dessert and the fruit tart stall really looked very attractive and so we joined the queue for the fruit tart.

It took us about 20min to get the pie. And at $7.80 per slice, it's pretty expensive for a tart. It's so pretty that we thought it should be good!

* however... my advice is ... skip the fruit tart. it's full of whipped cream. and it's so dense and tasteless. looks beautiful... but not worth the queue and price... the other stalls seemed worth a visit though... tampines 1 is good!

Petite Photo Album

I couldn't help but get this for my friend. It's a charming tiny photo album that's also a hp accessory... Bought it kino last week.

Who else I can think of but little Kojiro and Aiko to fill in the pages...

* I liked the end result so much that I want to keep it for myself!

Monday, April 27

Hello Kitty@The Sail

A very belated post. Sean got me a hello kitty accessory from Japan... My phone doesn't have the macro function. But it's actually a red and white polka dotted plane! Super cute! Taken this picture at a high floor of the sail. it was a very bad storm and you could c the lightning streak across the sky. scary!

Sunday, April 26

Camwhoring for Achiever's Night

a wise and respectable man

had just received news that a senior manager, Mr Sng Tong Hai, who is an industry veteran had passed away. just 2 years ago, I met this wise man at a training camp in JB.

you can tell that he has seen and went through alot over the years. he is at a retiree age yet he loves his work so much that he said that he will work till his last breath. And indeed, he really did . Mr Sng left a good name behind and I'm sure he is so proud of what he had done in his lifetime with no regrets. I wish i can find the kind of passion he had in life.

I send my condolences and wish that he will rest in peace.

Saturday, April 25

Mark Fairwhale

I was like what is "Mark Fairwhale"? Did I hear whale?!

As it fitted into my schedule, I obliged my friend who invited me and kaypoed my way to the launch of this label new in the market at Illuma. Apparently it's designed by a Chinese National called Mark. Was also curious to take a look at the mall (which my gut feel told me would not be fantastic to confirm if it's true).

Was quite surprised to see the entire atrium cordoned up for the event, with a proper PR company running the show, and a full fashion show outside the store. And the host was Denise Keller plus Daniel Boey was the choreographer for the show and there were some 15 - 20 models. Very surprised! I wasn't expecting anything more than just a small shop opening and boy, the company must have pretty deep pockets. Caught a glimpse of the ad in today's Urban - they had a full page ad.

Just as I was feeling quite bored at the event, I met 3 ex-colleagues and was pretty happy to catch up for a short while.

Though we were offered 35% off the merchandise, there wasn't anything that I wanted to get for my dad or ming.

The price point is also surprisingly high. Some of the pricing I saw - $69 for a polo t, $109 for a long sleeved polo t, $99 for jeans, $59 short sleeved shirt etc...

Let's hope my friend will have some good results from the new labels they brought in.

* ps. and the mall really is as I imagined.

Wednesday, April 22

dented club

Of my poor driver. Barely 2 mths of using it has caused it to have 2 dents at the base. Is it cuz of the poor quality or I must be damn strong!

Tuesday, April 21

Bosco Wong @ Kim Gary

Had a nice surprise to see Bosco Wong's Pic on my table while i was at Kim Gary for tea. Wanted to cope the paper mat, but thought it was quite lame. So i took a shot of it instead. =P

* paper table mat

* feedback form

Monday, April 20

Achievers Club 2009

Last year I thankfully scrapped through to make it to the honours club (though not at the top). Thanks to alot to friends and clients who trusted me with their insurance planning! I have some friends who did notice my tiny little picture in the papers. it probably goes un-noticed to many others, but it means alot to me.

GEL has cut down the annual advertisements to only 1 page and donated the savings to charity. Shall work hard to be in 2010 club. wish me luck!


Press Ad

* my "shifu" in the middle...

* i'm somewhere in there...

Sunday, April 19

Achievers Night 2009

It's been a year since the last Achiever Awards, and I'm thankful to be able to attend it this year. I wish I will work hard enough so that I can earn my right to be there again next year.

Did my hair & makeup at BeautyBox for convenience. Though I would have loved to have maestro Clarence to do it... Awaiting pictures to be passed to me for uploading!

Wednesday, April 15

Horror Story 2

I just heard again that my colleague had a client who suffered from Pneumonia and was slapped with a $200k bill. She could have been bankrupt trying to pay back the bill if she's not well to do or well covered. And we think that it's just some news you read in the papers. Scary...

Tuesday, April 14

Horror Story

My colleague shared with us today that her client had died from falling out of her window while she was hanging her clothes. It was terribly unfortunate and unforseen accident, after 30 over years of repeated chore of hanging out the clothes.

Just wanted to share this for those who do hang out the clothes. Take more caution when doing that.

Sunday, April 12

Visting little Zachary

Ah Bi wanted to tag along when I visited chios and baby zac last week. And boy he is growing at an incredible rate! This 5 week old baby absolutely looks like a 3 mth old. And his neck muscles are so developed that he can hold his head up with no problem at all.

Looks like the little babe shall grow up to be tall, handsome and strong! Can't wait for him to be older so we can play!

Tuesday, April 7

the dear kids.

Kojiro and Aiko came back for a few days last month. This trip, they were so busy that I only got to see them once! And only for less than 2 hours. How I missed this little darlings.

Bought them each a colouring book, snack and jelly gums...They are really into drawing and colouring. Kojiro can now colour within an area if he wants to. Aiko is still v young, so she's really like trying to behave like an adult. Though she can't really do it yet.

* kojiro slapping his forehead.

* aiko's colouring.

* kojiro imagines that the circle is the head. and he draws the ears and body extending from the head.

* aiko continues to destroy the book.

* and kojiro tramples on ming to get away from me.

* aiko ever the sweet little gal, sits quietly on ming's lap.

Monday, April 6

Horrendous Sight

I was eating ice-cream at Central, when I saw this horrendous display in the acrylic box.

Look at the freaky looking colours of the brushes. The colour of the handle and crystals don't match the freaky brush colours. But what I noticed next was the killer. The fake lashes are the most scary I have ever seen. Look at the peacock feather lashes.

On closer look, it was from a makeup school located in Central (shopping centre in Clarke Quay). I don't want the any make up artiste from this school to touch my face. I wonder who is attracted to such stuff. -_-"

Saturday, April 4

the 2 'cats'

I hung my hello kitty mirror on my new puma golf bag and happily went for practice. Was feeling happy about myself when some guy walked past me and sniggered! i swear he's sniggering at my golf bag w the hello kittty =(

Friday, April 3

me and my new practice bag!

I love my new golf practice bag... my "accountant" finally allowed me to buy something... but it's mostly sponsored. it has 5 separate slots for the clubs, and it has a sturdy base. Been wanting to own a pink golf bag for some time... yay!