Wednesday, February 22

Great Eastern Life Insurance 2012 Ad

I love the new look advertising campaign by GE! Great tagline!

Friday, February 17

The upside of going public

On the occasional days where I take public transport, I do dislike the crowd, the smell and the waiting time. Plus I have to be standing perpetually. What's more, the auntie whom I gave up my seat to didn't thank me, plus she stepped on my lovely repettos without saying sorry!

On another note, it's a good time to people watch, catch up on my emails and surf the net. And I get to go green (for a short while)!

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Friday, February 10

Carbon Footprint

I attempt to reduce my massive carbon footprint with my first bus ride out from home today!

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All things Pink

Another irresistible pink addition to my golf equipment/gear!

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