Saturday, February 28


My friend was on the topic of "funny".... it is a code word for "on company account"... e.g. "funny eating". In chinese, we call it 公账 (on company account).

I'm not an employee of anyone, but i'm also entitled to 公账... I count it to my 老公's 账。

Life is great!

Thursday, February 26

Baby Zachary

Qiuling's baby is born! After much anticipation, the little (or rather huge) babe weighs an astounding 3.97kg! It unusually heavy for a baby. And you can really tell the difference in size of Zachary from the other babies in the cribs. And my mum says that sis is at 3.4kg is already a giant.

Looking forward to the day we can play with the baby! i love babies from 3mths - 3yrs old. very cute...

Tuesday, February 24

BKK 20 - 23 Feb 09

And so we went to BKK on company expense. Was a last minute trip though. I am so lazy to post all the pix here and in FB.

It's a good trip, but I guess my weight gain is in the region of 1-2kg! It's non-stop eating and lounging around. Little shopping. Juz a 3 pieces of clothing from greyhound and nothing else.

The other thing i miss right now is thai massage! 2 hours for S$18 (including tips)... v worth it.
I know it's not comparing apple to apple, but it is super cheap compared to the USD188 spa for 1.5 hrs at bali...

* view from my bed.
Back to reality!

Tuesday, February 17

Journalist for Female Magazine

Anyone looking for a job in the fashion/journalism sector? I got this information from Medha...

"There's an opening in Female Magazine, for a journalist on the beauty beat. If you've got anyone keen on this job, pls ask them to drop their resume to the editor of Female ->"

Sunday, February 15

Expressively Joho

Michael, who was freelancing for wedding photojournalism has joined expressively joho as one of their exclusive photographers... Anyone who requires wedding photo services, you may want to check out his personal blog for his portfolio...

Well done, Michael! All the best!

Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's also Happy Friendship Day to all! V day is so commercialised... but it was fun in the early years.

Now I don't think I need an excuse to celebrate or spend my other half's $ right? Why limit yourself to once a year celebration when you can have more?

Friday, February 13

Nike Mini

Cheap thrill, but it was fun to create my own nike mini (the mini is the little person in the screenshot)! You can create it and send it along with your desired fitness program to your friends, who are supposed to cheer u on!

Log on to -> Training & create your own mini ...

* the first and my favourite mini created. but i forgot to put in the ipod...

* ah beng who spent sleepless nitez - so he has dark eye bags.

* act-cool babe doing a jog

Nike's great at Marketing... and I love their slogan. "Just Do It!".

Adam Khoo was saying in an earlier seminar this week, that it's one company with a great slogan! It says "Just Do It!", and not " Try to do it!", "Maybe do it", or " Do it later". "Just Do it" takes away the procrastination - ok, now to practice it.

"Just Do It!" - I'm so going to get that Chanel.

Need Help in Home Research Study (Blue Ray HTS)

Got this email request from my gms yahoogroups email - from our dear gms tutor - ian. I do not know the person though, he should be one of the alumni. Help needed to look for someone who owns a Blue Ray Home Theatre System to help out in a study, and there's a reward included.



Wednesday, February 11

A ktv session on OSIM massage chair

Medha did it again. She started singing 背叛for ktv, whilst she was agonising on the massage chair. Her artificial vibralto resulting from the shaking massage chair was hilarious! An entertaining session indeed.

Tuesday, February 10

Chanel Leather "Paper Bags"

I don't know what to make of this season's paper-bag inspired leather bags from Chanel after YSL's mail-inspired bags... read it in a bag fanatic's blog.

It is so cute, but yet so redundant at the same time. Probably I'll have to tote another leather handbag to go with it should I have one - cuz it doesn't look and feel like a handbag?

* give it all to me! I love the black, white and pink all at once....

Monday, February 9

A Sunday of gatherings...

* our annual PAYCO CNY gathering at grace's home

* madeline's birthday party at her condo

Wednesday, February 4

A gift of matchboxes

Chris gave me a gift of Jay Chou themed matchboxes, and she kept saying that it's lame... but I think it is more cute than lame! Each matchbox has a cover of either his album or movie!

Tuesday, February 3

Free Ettusais Makeover & 3 piece samples?

Any Ettusais fans?

I've been following Holly Jean's blog for some time, and she's now the online brand ambassador for Ettusais. There's this tie-up between her and the cosmetics brand. Read more about it at:

* ps: I'm not a fan of Ettusais though - I love Chanel.

Monday, February 2

Of CNY updates

A serious of family photos that I've taken in 2009. Not very often we get to take group pictures...

* my mum's side - uncles, aunties and cousins!

* cousin's only with our MCP grandpa. he obviously loves his grandsons more. *sigh.

Sunday, February 1

The Little Nonya Theme - CNY party!

Another party by Keith, soon after our ACAMPdemy awards! We had peranakan food for dinner. And - gasp. We watched 6 episodes of Little Nonya in a row. I feel kind of disgusted for watching so many in a row. Never watched the show... and did that 6 in a row.

And we had the cheek to go to a pub to chill in our fully dressed Nonya gear. Caused some curious stares and remarks. but i love theme parties! keith has the best ones so far. looking forward to the next one!