Friday, January 30

Sunday, January 25

Happy Lunar New Year!

Wishing all of us a very happy lunar new yr! May i tbe a year of good health, peace and prosperity! Who says this yr will be tough? We will all survive this yr stronger than ever!

Many happy returns!

CNY dinner with the Kitawas

Had an early CNY dinner with my dear family friend. And my 2 lovely darlings... I din realise that there is a chinese restaurant in the eunos automobile megamart. We wanted to have cold crab, but it was out of stock...

* the little darlings are going back early tom morning. hope to see them again soon...

Friday, January 23

Science Centre, Magic Exhibition

Just found this set of photos... last month we went to Science Centre for the magic exhibition. it was nothing too fantastic, but entertaining enough for the $9 ticket worth. . . too bad it was a wkend and school hols, so it was over-run with lots of noisy kids!

* somebody try to do a god of gamblers pose

* exhibition that shows how magic is also a science...

* my baby's cousin! the fuel cell version. not in the market yet...

* and the noisy kids outside. c the danger sign? but they don't care anyway and just jump in. I tink there is a risk of currents running through. wat are the parents doing... can't they read?

Wednesday, January 21

New Yr is coming!

Omg, CNY is this wkend, and I barely managed to clear one third of my room! It must be the first time in my many yrs, that my mess become out of control. the yr of cow will be the yr that I go back to a tidy room and paperwork. Or that I prob nd a maid or a secretary.

Sunday, January 18

Cindy's Princess Party

We had a princess party this weekend. Princess themed. Tiny little party, with everything pink and princessy. Ok, I tink it's a little kiddy, but it kinds of bring back some memories.
Cindy's mum bought her princess bedsheets too! The salesperson prob thot it was for some little girl ... =P
Kinda embarassed abt the pix, so shall not post here. =P

Wednesday, January 14

Cinderella the Musical

We went to watch the Cinderella Musical last evening. The theatre was about half full only. The stage was set with a glass shoe on the curtain.

The musical was pleasant enough, and funny at parts. It's like an enjoyable movie, but not a must-see. Nothing beats the Phantom of the Opera, that was a real classic. And the props were so realistic and beautiful.

Anyway, the musical sparked off an idea to have a Princess theme party. Wonder if it will materialise!

Tuesday, January 13

The day my side mirror got knocked out!

One day, after my convention, I went back to collect my car and found *gasp. The side mirror dangling by the wire.

First reaction was OMG! And then on careful inspection, I thank god it's not really broken, juz unhinged from the car. Mich tried to use musking tape to attach it, but it was no use. Sigh. Look at Mich holding my side mirror while I drove over to Ming's place.

And Heng!! Ming managed to fix it back. * phew. this car really is a depreciating and $ consuming "investment". But I still love the baby.

Saturday, January 10

First golf lesson

Me and my first golf lesson! Finally picked up golf as a new hobby. I have 10 lessons at Marina Golf. Din tink much of it in the past as a sport. but it's actually quite tiring, and v challenging. So far it's only 1 lesson. I hope i can manage to pick it up fast.

New Year Seafood Sales!

I think my blog is starting to look like some promotion page... but maybe this may be useful for you mums? Got this sale event notice from HY in my email... It's kind of tiny, but guess u can read the fine print.

Monday, January 5

Toyota Accessories Warehouse Sale

I got this fr my Marketing Groups email... Borneo Motors is having some sort of warehouse sale.
Any toyota owners? maybe you can check this out...

Sunday, January 4

ACAMPemy Awards 2008 continued..

Some of the pix had been uploaded to FB already... so here are some of the photos fr the event. Ok ok, you probably realised by now that we are all camwhores!

* everyone arrives ala red carpet style...and you get to do 2 poses.
* and a shoot w the awards backdrop

* plus interview w the host...

* me, irene, cindy *me & dolphin

*clockwise fr top: me, dolphin, fong fan, cindy

* me and my dear fren keith
* clarence n I
* me, clarence, cindy

* fong fan and i

* party starts!

And we move on to location no. 2 for more fun! It's only 11pm...

Saturday, January 3

ACAMPemy Awards 2008

This is definitely the best party I've been to! A fabulous Oscar's theme party for new year's eve.

Uploading a few photos of the set-up first... while waiting to receive the other pix from my frenz.

* hard at work, making the oscar trophies!
* tadah! All done up....

* how bout a mike that we made using the screwdriver...

* having our dinner after a tiring set-up.

Pix of the actual event coming up!

Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I loved my 2008! I'm looking forward to how 2009 unfolds, but also with some fear. How will ur's be?

Had a fantastic party for the new year, a fabulous start! And more to come? keeping my fingers crossed.