Friday, August 20

Baby broke down

Zzzz started out a good day. Woke up very early and started my day young.

After just 1 appointment, on my way to lunch. Baby suddenly sputtered. And dragged.

After barely 5 metres, I gave up trying in case the engine really died.

And then I called Cycle to come tow my car. Made a fuss about me having juz done a full servicing and paid about $2.2k. And then it broke down after just a week?

After waiting for 45 min in the drizzle. Tow truck finally came. Was really paranoid about the cars banging into the stationery vehicle even with the triangle plate. So i stood there with my red GE umbrella.

* Baby on Tow. Heartbroken. Pls don't make me spend more $$!

Tuesday, August 10

Time flies

July has zoomed past and it's now 1/3 of August. Why does time fly past! I need more time!