Sunday, November 23

Thank you!

So the ROM is over. I cannot imagine if we do it all in one day. So exhausting, i can hardly smile after 2 hrs... Had a great day with immediate families and some close friends!

Some thanks to give out...Keith Png for designing the lovely dress, Clarence for doing the make-up (u shd have seen the before make-up. he is the best... i really mean it. haha!), David for taking time to do photography and doing some preparations in searching for locations to take pix! XY for doing my hair... so amazing... I could not have done that. Cindy for coming by and taking candid shots too... and everyone else who were present.

(I'm sorry but we really couldn't invite everyone due to limited space. but anyway dinner's on next yr...) More pix when I get them from David...

Thursday, November 20

Endless dreams

I wonder why I am plagued by so many dreams. It makes me feel like I have not rested throughout the night. And it gives me breakouts!

Sunday, November 16

My new lightbulb

I am so very happy with my new lightbulb! For those of you who have been to my home, you would have realised that I have the dimmest lights at home you would have ever seen. For the longest time ever, I thought I was always going to live in such dimness.

Until one day. My lamp shade turned a shade too dirty to bear. And my dad decided to take it out and change a new light bulb at the same time! It is so very ugly right now, but I don't really care! cuz it's now bright enough to see the makeup I put on every morning.

* ok , this is something trivial, but you won't understand till you experience the unbearable dimness.

Monday, November 10

Biennale - South Beach Development

Went to 2nd site of the Biennale after visting City Hall earlier... I really enjoyed visiting the Biennale. Am also surprised, there are quite a number of visitors. And most are young. Great sign!

Sunday, November 9

Bollywood Veggies

Journeyed all the way to the west... to visit Bollywood Veggies... a farm.

Brought my mum, nanny and her husband out for the morning...They seemed to be pretty happy to go to the farm! But we were kind of disappointed at the condition of the farm. Not that many types of crops, and some of them were very common plants. Plus... there were many plants without fruits/flowers. Er...maybe it was not the harvest period?

Anyway since we went all the way to the west, popped by 2 other farms as well...a hydroponics and the other, a seafood wholesaler (Khai Seng)... on the recommendation of a booklet I've got - from Kranji Association. Well, nothing really worth visiting though.

* Lunch @ the restaurant inside Bollywood Veggies. If you are visiting the place... cash only.

Thursday, November 6

Another video. Love Letter

This is some Prudential Advert... Not sure from which year. But I think it's brilliant. It's about a son, in retrospect, managed to see what his dad had done for him... so touching...

(*it must be really good for me to put up competitor 's advert... Not that I'm endorsing it!)

True Love

* I had to post this up after i saw it on meow's blog. This is one video that I had watched a few times, and it always makes me tear. It is a must watch. The love and dedication from the father is truly touching. How often we forget to be thankful for the things we have taken for granted like being able-bodied.

Food for thought:

Is the son with cerebral palsy living a life less off than us? We are able-bodied, but are we doing as much?

Sunday, November 2

High tea@ Hyatt Scotts Lounge

Been a long time since I had high tea. Went to Scotts Lounge for high tea. The variety was not very wide, but the food quality is good! Yum, enough to make me full and skip dinner. Loved the selection of tea! At $28 ++ think it's still worth it. Better than Goodwood Park Asian High tea that i last went....