Saturday, June 30


Attempted to shop for a present, but it deemed too difficult. Orchard is much too crowded this weekend. You must have noticed the POSB bank queue yesterday. And LV's queue at Taka was ridiculously long. Wonder if they were really there to buy, cuz i spotted someone with Bonia bag, and many others who were not carrying designer stuff. beats me.

Guess everyone is trying to beat the 7% GST. In the end, I still cd nt find the ideal present. And guess what, I did not buy anything today! Wow...

* Chicken cutlet OMU rice.

* very happy with the postcards I bought. they are so pretty!

Friday, June 29


Was suffering from gastric pain this morning... But felt well enough by noon to meet up with YS for lunch =)
* we went to some prawn mee stall at raffles place. they only sell prawn mee, with different toppings. Even pig tails. The picture doesnt look quite so nice cuz i mixed them up. Abit oily though, very generous with the fried onions, I like!

* my sis can be so sweet sometimes. she got me a kitty umbrella and left it on my table. with a nice note. seeing it in the morning made me feel happier somehow.

Wednesday, June 27

Ladies Night - but only if you're under 36

Ladies Night - but only if you're under 36 By Jamie Ee , Baey Shi Chen & Jessica Lim - June 24, 2007 The Sunday Times

** well, why do they discriminate ladies over 36? some of them are much more gorgeous than the 16 year olds trying to sneak in. shouldn't they stick to door bitches?

Tuesday, June 26

Keith in i-weekly

Keith got a one page feature in this week's i-weekly. That's pretty cool. Good luck!

Social Gathering RTA & NSHA

The usual monthly meeting was changed to a social gathering. At Aloha Changi, it was a scene of quiet tranquility. * the group size came up to about 30, not bad! Thanks to Robert & Mr Sng for sponsoring and organising. And also, to the nice people fr Mr Sng's agency for preparing the food (and Judy for chicken wings.)
* Delicious food. Lemak and bee hoon.. yum.
* bbq away!
* fellow agents having fun. (but nt from my group) =P

Lunch at "The Ship"

Though I've worked at Isetan for 2 years plus, this is the first time I've tried The Ship's fish head noodles. And it's nice!

* Great lunch and co. shall we do it again?

Sunday Evening

A fattening dinner at Changi Village, followed by IKEA and Courts Shopping trip - for a bed (not me).
* look at WM chomping both the ice-cream and hotdog at the same time.
* carnival at the open area.
* tham's attempt at ball game. Erm... shall not tell u the result.
* alex doing a slightly better attempt than Tham.

But - thks Tham for the ride home =P

Sunday, June 24


A greek/toga party. Supposed to be the theme of the night. But it proved too difficult to follow, as we did not do enough research. And it ended up just a toga party.

Well, anyhow we had a good dinner, and good company. Though no Troy movie, watched 200 pound beauty instead =P

Din quite turn out Greek, more European.

* we prepared the food ourselves! last min, and no prior planning.

Friday, June 22

Sudden thoughts.

Attended a seminar on coaching yesterday night. The topics discussed included concepts like "law of attraction", "law of least effort " etc. Was walking along the Orchard underpass when my thoughts strayed.

It came to my mind that maybe it works like this regards to material wants.
"If you are there, you will have it. But having it doesn't mean that you are there."

Does it make any sense to you?

Yesterday's Lunch Treat

Yesterday Diana treated me and Fiona to lunch. Next time on me!
We went to the cafe next door at MDIS, think its called Passion or something.

Service was super slow although there were almost no customers, and many staff on hand.
Pengz! Employ me, give me 3 person's pay I'll also work faster than them...

Soup was bad, but the rest were actually fine. Soup, garlic bread, main, fruits and coffee/tea at $8 is quite reasonable.

Do you know where this is?

Singnet sucks. My internet connection is haywire and I cant update my blog and work properly in the evenings.
* had a sinful plate of char kway teow the other day. At Amoy St. Have not taken it for a long time.
* Noticed the park while walking back to the MRT. Guess more tourists would have noticed this park than us. Looking at the tour coaches in the area.

Think it'll be great if we take more time to observe the environment. People are just to busy to live in the moment.

Monday, June 18


Someone named their restaurant after my nick!

The Secret

Have you watched "The Secret"? I've watched it last year, and I really loved it. Was speaking to my client about it last week, when it came out in the news yesterday night.

The way it was put, it made the video was made to seem "materialistic", or even "religious" in some ways. I thought it was all hocus pocus before I watched it, and was very doubtful about it but ended up liking it very much.

It's just a 20min preview to the real thing. Just watch it with an open mind.

Sunday, June 17

From Day to Night.

Saturday started out as a lovely day. It was the day, that we planned to go Cafe Del Mar.
Until... it started to rain before we set off to Sentosa.

* Look at the dark clouds, and drizzle. Gloom hung over.
* see the water droplets ... we were still hoping for the rain to stop. At the rooftop of VIVO.
* determined to make the day good, we started to take photos and make ourselves happy.
* and so we took more pictures, now in front of the ticket counter to Sentosa.
* until we pounced upon a children's novelty shop, which had lots of cute stuff! I mean, it doesn't only appeal to children, we LOVE it! * See the cute cooker. Open the cabinet door, and there lies a knife hanging inside. * This gorgeous cake can really be cut! (the slices are held together with velcro). * the tiny pastry and cake little models. They are so cute, we feel like eating them.
Tea Break - Red, White & Pure
* They apparently sell some apothecary products as well, with the 2 counters flanking the entrance. The place had stylish decor, great ambience and quality wares (e.g. Bodum).

* Cindy snapping away at the nice view outside.* Did not realise that i ordered apple crumble tart with saffron and ginger ice-cream. Surprisingly it's alright. Considering that I do hate ginger.

The set costs about $10, quite a good deal considering the pricing of the menu. Organic food.

Oh no.. by now I had already reserved a pair of gorgeous shoes at Tangs. Why did it have to rain!


Was treated to a very nice dinner at Carnivore, by Changyuan and Zhixiong. Dear Baoyu was there too, after so many years, its the first time I've met up with her. * Cheese balls. * there was a salad bar buffet style. See my plate of greens. * Finally was served the meat. The meal is at a buffett price, so you eat as you like. They go around slicing the meat direct onto your plate. I really liked the fish and pineapple. Meat lovers and big eaters, this will be more value for $ at this place. * CY and Zhixiong * me and Baoyu

After Dinner Drinks - Mount Faber - Altivo Bar

* Baoyu treated us to drinks at Altivo. A regular there, we had seats reserved ready. Seems like it was not quite crowded there for a Sat nite. Had a pint of beer, after the saltish and filling dinner.

* It started to rain heavily soon after we settled down, and it kinda got me wet. But, the ambience was actually quite nice with the rain. Was not my favourite chillout place, but we had good co.