Wednesday, December 30

Random sharing

Of a few random pictures that I missed out posting.

* My X'mas gift from Pauline. A Kitson original small tote and a top.

* and my present of a sequined tissue box cover! Pauline is the best. I've had this in mind for the longest time, but I din know where to get them...

* Guess what this is?

It's actually a lamp shade from panasonic. It's very light and plasticky (forgot the type of material). For the baby girls' room. Sweet!

Sunday, December 27

KNA X'mas Party

Shifu graciously hosted us a X'mas party again this year. There was good food and presents too!

* The tree was specially bought for the party. Expensive decorations they have. And also cute baby deco for our newly born Kim and Kriss.

* a cabinet overcrowded with manga figurines. mainly Dragonball. belonging to He who should not be named.

* and we had to shake a piece of paper stating the number of the present we should get.
* weiming's turn.
* one of the presents I received. A pinky pig cushion. I seriously don't like pigs. Don't even like pork.... so I exchanged this with Ming for the lappie cooling mat! He got the OSIM mani/pedi set which he's going to keep for himself. And I got a pair of speakers. Yay!

Friday, December 25

X'mas Party - Wish Upon a Star!

Had a rather big and mixed company for our recent X'mas party - Wish Upon a Star. As best as we could, we had food shaped into stars and all of us had to wear a Star!

* food!
* sam sporting a Star-rimmed glasses - nice!

* everyone loves baby Zachary... everyone is busy entertaining him.

* baby Zachary
* evil Susan takes a candid shot of baby Zachary holding a Tiger. Qiuling - don't be upset ke...
* and Sam has been courting Aiko for the whole night. But she simply igored him. Picture taken 3 hours after party started. Your persistency paid off!

* Ah Bi and Aiko

All the other pix are with Ah Bi... will update again.

Thursday, December 24

MERRY X'mas!

Merry X'mas all my friends! 2009 has been a good (and bad) year for me... but as with every year, everything shall pass and life goes on. Happy holidays!

* got this e-card off my hello kitty email =P

Hello Kitty Coasters

Juz received this set of coasters from An Chyi... So sweet.. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 22

New Hairband

Hairbands are really a tricky accessory to carry off. I impulse bought a hairband cuz I thought it looked pretty cool. Now to find a day to match an outfit with it.

* and I always sniggered at people with big/round heads wearing a hairband. i think it's bad karma. guess I'm gonna join them some day...

Sunday, December 20

Planet 51

Brought Kojiro out to watch Planet 51 with my Sis. I had brought him a couple of times to watch cartoons since he was a toddler. Now that he's grown up, it's much easier to bring him out.

* The movie was quite entertaining. I kind of like it. And Kojiro was roaring with laughter...

* On the way to the cinema... Kojiro trying to look innocent.

* after the movie: he is super tired. and starts to get cranky.

It's nice to have some downtime!

Wednesday, December 16

My first road show.

For the first time in the last 2 years +, I had helped out at a GE road show at The Forum Galleria today.

It's a good experience. Though it's a pretty quiet place to start with. Maybe I should try to do some of them next year.


Tuesday, December 15

Traffic blues.

Just a random and repetitive rant.

I wish the traffic police could keep super slow cars, vans and heavy vehicles off lane 1 and 2. By definition of road hogging, I mean travelling below 80km/hour and the road is CLEAR in front.

They are definitely road hazards, no wonder there are so many vehicles rushing in lane 1. To "siam" the stupid road hoggers.

Sunday, December 13

+J - Uniqlo

Finally got to check out 313 Orchard. As expected the tenant mix are quite expected. But it's great to have them on the Somerset end of Orchard road. I think the best part is that there are more F&B outlets and a large food court.

Also curious, I went to check out the +J limited collection of Uniqlo. Hardly any customers were browsing the collection. I bought 2 items - skinny jeans and a merino wool cardigan. I liked the cut of the jeans and the quality of the cardi. And it's not too expensive as well. Http://

Feeling broke this month because of buying of gifts. So few stuff for myself. Must make more money!

**Thought I saw Cyn Cyn but it was too crowded to verify.

Saturday, December 12

Monopoly Card Game

Cynamie's easily bored. So she carries cards out nowadays to kill boredom. Her latest game - Monopoly cards. You can even play it with only 2 people!

It's the first time I completed a Monopoly game. Finally there's an end to it! It's quite different from the traditional bored game. Requires more thinking and planning.

Great idea to bring it on the go!

Tuesday, December 8

Home-cooked noodles

While I was really hungry one day. Ming cooked a bowl of instant noodles for me.

It's the first time he ever cooked anything for me!

Sunday, December 6

Happy Little Stuff

We went shopping for a star party coming up. And I found really cute stuff at VivoCity!

* Look at the cute little X'mas tree and gold pvc leather tealight holder at daiso! The little tree is collapsible. Yay!

* and I found a really cute pair of speakers! Check out my Cheer CareBear speakers. I was warned that the sound will be really soft. But it's good enough for personal enjoyment. And it's only $10, haha! It's not even a copy. It's a real CareBear... =)

Saturday, December 5


This is my current favourite pizza place. Located at an unlikely restaurant location next to Browhaus at Suntec, the pizza here is really tasty!

They sell pizza, sausage, soup and truffle fries but pizza is the main item. For a 12 inch per pizza, they are not exactly cheap with prices ranging from $18 - $25.

The crispy crust is not too filling, yet the ingredients are fresh and tasty! Yummy!

A note advice - I would recommend 3 people to share 2 pizzas. 2 small eaters can share a pizza. And 2 regular eaters will find a pizza too little but 2 pizzas too filling.

I think it's definitely worth a try!

Thursday, December 3

GE Fundraising Event for Breast Cancer

Where and When?
Great Eastern Centre Atrium
Thursday & Friday, 3 & 4 December 2009
11 am - 2 pm

Working around Raffles Place? Come support our charity event for Breast Cancer. Good deals for a good cause!

Wednesday, December 2

I'm on OMY?!

Received an SMS from Keith last night: "... go read my omy blog entry now :)"

For a moment, I thought it was something juicy and exciting, so without thinking I quickly logged on.

To my surprise, it was a blog post about our friendship! Thanks my dear friend, I didn't see that coming. That was a nice gesture.

I love all my dresses from Keith. And not to mention, Keith came up with the wedding evening gown designs by himself (with not much input from me). You just couldn't help but agree with the designs you come up with. See how a professional like him can make your wedding stress free! (this also includes Clarence. With him around, your make-up can only turn up great!)

With such passion for fashion & design and having a fantastic personality, I'm sure Keith will be a scaling greater heights and moving on to greener pastures.

And yes (if I can still afford your creations down the road), confirm I will continue to support. =P

Friday, November 27


MaZe, An Chyi, Pauline, Aiko & I went to KittyLab this morning. Sad to say, KittyLab was not as good as Hide&Seek last year. It was too adult, too small scale, lack of exhibits too. What's up with the lame electronic games? The stations are also not equipped for kids! They could have had some stands for kids. And there are TOO many instructions which I'm sure kids wouldn't understand.

There were already such few places to take pictures but they still restricted photography? What the?! Anyway we caught a few shots for fun.

Even for a kitty fan, I think it's kind of disappointing. Hope if there's any in future, it could be much better.

* ticketing counter

* pauline n aiko.

* aiko - hair messed up.

* my favourite. KT Chanel bags!

* Kitty Post Box. If only all these postboxes are as cute ...

* yawn!

Wednesday, November 25

933 Golden Pillow

Ordered 933 Golden Pillow for lunch today with my friends. I feel that it is really easy to order, can fax in or call! And they responded to my fax within 5 minutes. Plus they did deliver asap as promised though the delivery time slot was later.

Food was pretty good too. Just that it's a tad cold. Worth a change from pizza hut/mac delivery for a change. And they gave a bread shaped magnet with the delivery number. Super good at doing biz!

Friday, November 20

Post Wedding Thoughts

It's been 2 weeks since the big day. It still feels surreal - almost like a dream. Why did it end so quickly? Was such a fun day! 2 weeks since and I still have not thanked everyone. Wonder why I'm so busy. I shall try to reach out to as many as I can this weekend.

Pity didn't get to take as many pix with every single person as I wanted to. Luckily many of our friends took candid shots. I love all the pix! Here are some of them...

* Kojiro and Keith. This is really the sweetest picture of all! The 2 guys (besides my papa and WM) whom I love in the same picture! How good they look together...

* ah... the memory of being fussed around. It may be the 1 and only time I get the privilege. (hope not the last!)

* the 2 men who helped made me pretty!

* and 2 great gals who were there to help me change... (Cynamie & my sisters were busy co-ordinating, so not in pic!)

* the Family who has always been so kind and helpful towards me!

* All the brothers & sisters

* and with the man who made it all possible.. haha!

Of course many more people to thank! - but I don't really have all the good photos. Hope I'll receive more photos to share! The official pix will only be out 6 - 8weeks later. Shall share it once i have them.