Tuesday, January 30


I realised that things can be simpler than we think them out to be. Facing your fears could also be simpler than just avoiding it. Life is so short, so we should not spend anymore time whining or doing stuff that we do not want to.

I'm ready to move on, and have attained closure for my career. With a short dinner and conversation with my manager, I have found peace with myself for making the decision to go. It has been a great 2.5 yrs, and I thank everyone whom I have crossed paths with. Whether the experience was good or bad, it contributed to a otherwise boring life story. The best that can be done now is to plan as much as possible, and leave the department in the best possible state for the successor.

Look to the future, not at the past. Let there be great memories, but also new experiences to be gained.

Saturday, January 27

I must not be mean.

I think I have been a very mean person. Someone please keep a check on me. Too many "bad" things said about some people. There must be a stop to it. I regret for all the mean remarks that have been made.

Think it is time to make a conscious effort not to say anything bad.
Quoted from a book I read, it says "I will speak ill of no man - & speak of all the good I know of everybody".

It is simple to say, but not as easy to follow. It will take time to make a conscious effort to be nicer. And even longer time to make it a habit to do so. I suspect that bad karma might befall me from too many mean things I have said. Please stop me if I start saying negative stuff about others.

I'm sorry to all who I have ever been mean to - directly or indirectly. Really.

Friday, January 26

done the deed.

It is the first step to making a change to my life. I've been whining about my job for the past 2 years and finally I have decided to make the difference. Despite whining, there has been good times with the company. Thanks to my lucky stars, I have been blessed to have lots of people to take care of me.

I never knew that it could be so difficult to resign. And how traumatic and experience it might be for me. The feeling of guilt and sadness at leaving the very people who have been supportive to me bugs me. However it is necessary to move on since there is not much future for me in the company. No matter how fast they promote me, and how much they help me along the way, there will always be a ceiling to my career.

Taking a moment to reflect. Life is all about changes and moving on. The pain shall not be in vain. "Burn the bridges" as my mentor says, and you will have little choice but to forge ahead. For every seed of adversity, there lies a seed of success that is equal or greater than it.

I tell myself. "Be Brave."

Thursday, January 25

Welcome Party

Making our way up to Kent Ridge with my mentor and xinyi, we were there to attend a welcome party. Guess how shocked me and xinyi were to find the whole place filled with matured people. I guess they do really need new and younger members to join them. We are apparently the youngest people in the place, and seemed abit out of place. So, we turned our attention to enjoying the food! Glad to have the company with me... if not... probably would have walked out in 10 minutes!

Wednesday, January 24

Butterflies in my stomach.

Butterflies in my stomach. That is what I have been feeling for the past 2 weeks. It's time to move on, and what I have to do now is to submit THE LETTER. I had no idea that it would be so difficult for me. It should have been a liberating feeling but it's not... at the moment.

Let's get it over and done. Friday shall be the day. The final dateline.