Sunday, May 30

House Viewing

Need to shift home again in August cuz my landlord has sold the property. Can't blame him though, he's a nice man to boot with. Moving away from my office will give me more running expense *sigh.

Waiting for my new place to TOP. Please don't make me move so many times! *unless I make good money from moving =P

Monday, May 24

Hide & Seek Opening

As expected, Hide & Seek Opening was bustling with activity! Look at how crowded the place was throughout the day...

* Cindy and An Chyi

* the person from Flip video grabbing a congratulatory note on the device. Very sharp videos I must say!

* Keith with us...
* Keith's mum. Gorgeous lady for her age. Beautiful flawless skin.

Monday, May 17

Astriel Sale!

Astriel is having a Sale! Check them out for pretty basics and dresses!

I'm abit slow - just saw the notice. 2 more days to go... ends 19th May.

Sunday, May 16

Wednesday, May 12

Hide & Seek Official Opening!!

This will be the most exciting opening party in a long time! Do take some time to check out the new Hide & Seek shop. It's bigger, better and different!

FB about them, twitter them, blog them... spread the word!

Sunday, May 2

My "fabulous" weekend

How great life can be...I was elated to get my lovely Baby back (though still some stuff to change too). - REALLY happy!

And then all the air-conditioners broke down in my home. Had to bunk in at mummy's place.

Then I had to lose my PHONE of all items plus the bloody guy took my SIM card. I could pay that idiot $ just to get it back intact. All my notes, contacts and SMSes, work reminders are inside. *sigh. I hope the stupid person who steals it doesn't harass anyone from the phone list.

And my landlord needs us to move out in July. So....

With such a "lovely" weekend I think next week onwards things SHALL take a good turn. Because it cannot get any worse! (cross my fingers).

** please please drop me your numbers!