Wednesday, September 29


I'm back fr Spain and I'm tired. Shall post updates this wk!

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Monday, September 13

Mid Autumn Festival

We finished the 1st box of mooncakes fr Pauline.

Yay, more mooncakes fr my favourite hotel. Compliments fr my father-in-law. Yum!

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Wednesday, September 8

Hello Kitty Mahjong

We were surprised to c a Hello Kitty case being auctioned at a 7th month dinner.

And my colleague got it for $338.

Turns out it's a damn pretty set of original Hello Kitty mahjong set. Cool!!!

Too bad I can't play the game, else I'll counter bid.

Monday, September 6


Just downloaded this blogpress app as suggested by Alan. Testing now.

Been trying those free one but they don't work v well.

Let's see how this turns out!

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