Sunday, April 29

Happy Day

What a R&R day today.


Had breakfast with my mum this morning at a Hong Kong Cafe near my house's CC. * Carrot cake
* pineapple buns with yuan yang.
* french toast with peanut butter and butter.
* blur foto. Cha Soba with tempura at Sushi Tei. Then coffee outside. * see my favourite baby. Koji after 1 mth plus. Still cute as ever.
* give it to him how he eats noodle. He bends over the bowl, sucks up a strand of noodle and slurps it.
* sweet little sis. Ai-chan.

After Lunch

Went over to fren's office cum shophouse at Haji Lane. Her shop is opening soon. Will post pix when I've gone to the opening. Cool location.
* 2nd floor overlooking the koi pond.
* and the sky view above. * Ai-chan playing with office materials. * Happy girl after changing her diapers. * failed attempt to get a foto together. * and finally got it. well, at least 90% of my face got into the picure. Babysitting her is so engaging! Cute girl grows so quickly. The last time I saw her, she was not as friendly. Smiley babies are so cute.

After Dinner - family KTV session
* got my mum and 2 of her siblings with family KTV singing at the guild house. System is by KBox so the songs seem to be quite updated. Good thing is that no smoking. So no stale smoke smell. Too bad I really dun enjoy singing.

Think they kinda had fun, except for my cousins who looked positively bored. Maybe cuz of the selection of songs.

Saturday, April 28

Long day

Attended a super long seminar today. It was supposed to be inspiring.. but yeah, only to a certain extent. Was nice to have a friend attend together though and we went for dinner in the end.
* my snack this afternoon. Tapioca cake. Yummy - very fresh and soft springy..

* What's new? I forgot to take the food before eating. AGAIN! Had 5 star chicken rice today, with vegetables, mee goreng and an ice cream cone. That's a reward for skipping gym. Shucks!!
Will make up with more next week.

Friday, April 27

Today I...

Today was a long day. I went on errands with a fren. Went to many govt offices in a morning.

> immigration > CPF board> ACRA > then to Somerset ComCentre.

* Registering at ACRA.

* So had lunch at Killiney KopiTiam after the last stop opposite ComCentre. see my curry with french loaf. The portion is actually quite big. Wasted, cuz could not finish it. Was good though. My favourite coffee outlet is this original Killiney branch. Good ol' strong kopi.

* "Bugis Street Memoirs" menu

* Evening time, was invited to check out a cafe/pub/restaurant at Bugis Street. It's quite a confused outlet though. Its neither hip nor family nor sleazy nor hippy... Its a combination of everything. Nevertheless, it should improve since its only a few mths old. Let's give it a chance.

* Newly employed singer.

* view outside. The hawker centre.

* Traffic police check. Stringent checks. Almost every car was stopped. Took this while waiting.

Wednesday, April 25

There's nothing like shoe business.

Some of you may have read this issue in last week's urban issue. I think its a good basic guide. Guess there are still many who can't tell the difference between mules and loafers. =P

I love shoes.

Tuesday, April 24

KEITH PNG - Tailoring to your needs.

Dear Friends,

You might like to check out this link. My fren Keith has started his own business doing customised tailoring and design services, both individual and corporate. His portfolio and more information can be found in the blog.

For those of you who even considers to do a customised unique one-and-only piece of the wedding gown - this is where u should go to.

Monday, April 23


I had met up with my ex-colleagues again. Someone has resigned. Hence the lunch at Coca. Was late so I forgot to take picture of my food again. Till dessert time.

Seems that I have appeared at Orchard too often, one of them mentioned that I don't seemed to have left the company. Well....

* complimentary dessert. Thai dessert. Think its steamed banana with coconut cream.

* Someone who had dinner with me. A minute of fame in my blog. wahaha!!* LF's arm is kinda long. To be able to take a pic together at such a distance.
* starter. bread and butter.
* Grilled dory with sambal. So- so.
* Mixed grill ( i think)...

It's a good day.

It has been a really good day on the 23rd of April, Sunday.

Besides having a good day at work, I had also met up with frenz. Also to see Phantom of the Opera. After so many years of waiting, finally got to see it.

I love the music, the set and the costumes, and everything. A simple but touching story. Do see it if you have the chance to.

* me and xinyi before the show... * with xinyi, xy, anqi and jialing
* Taking a bird's eye view of the DBS VIP area. Too bad we can't get in. There were nice props inside.
* Supper time. Yummy french toast with butter and yuan yang.

* close up of the buttery, fatty, oily toast.

Friday, April 20


Today I.... * saw a bus ad. Which i thought was so true. So i quickly snapped the advert from the car.

It says "Too much TV makes everyone forget about more meaningful ways to spend our leisure time." and the picture shows a group of zombies starting at the screen.

* was caught in a jam from Wisma to Lau Pa Sat.

* was at WM's office. I like it, 8 screens. Looks pretty cool. They get to sit on Herman Miller chairs too. Super comfortable. Its like $1000 odd per piece.* saw 4 clocks on the wall showing the different international times.* saw view from the window. A familiar sight.

Sinful Tea

Today, I went to SGH to see my nanny. 10 years after her bypass surgery, the stents have disintegrated, and new areas of concern came up. Had to put in 2 stents (ballooning).

Best part, the doctor did not detect the 3rd area until AFTER THE SURGERY. And she was sent back to do a 2nd operation. Now, instead of 1 wound, she has 2 wounds! But then again, at least they detected it before she went home. Its great that lives can be saved through breakthroughs in technology. Hope she gets well real soon. I hate going to hospitals. Its very upsetting.

And now, they call the ICU unit, "caring unit" so that it will not sound so scary to the patients. Well, talk about rebranding. Even the hospitals have to do that.

Enough of the depressing stuff. Had tea with my Noel this afternoon. hehe.. we had nice coffee and cakes at Secret Recipe. The tea break promo is like $6.50 for coffee/tea and a cake. Today is sinful. Did not work enough, and ate too much. Tomorrow will be better.

* Look at our marble cheesecake and chocolate & banana cake.

* close up of Choc and banana cake.

* and we went to the MNG fashion show at Red Dot Museum. Red Dot is a pretty cool place.

My trusty(or rather, untrusty) phone ran out of battery again. So, not many pictures. See Cynamie's blog on 19th April for the pix. Lazy to copy and paste.