Sunday, May 31

Aaron Kwok Concert - The Show Reel

Cynamie really wanted to watch Aaron Kwok (aka her lover boy as she calls him). So I went, without knowing any of his songs other than "dui ni ai bu wan", para para sakura theme song and some other really old numbers. Anyway so I went as she insisted it was worth watching and there was this stage that had been registered in the guinness book of records. Anyway, Aaron Kwok can't be that bad, he's around for so long - must be good.

* cynamie suddenly perking up after a long day at work. so excited.

* while waiting for concert to start.

* and the lights dimmed, screams ensued the stadium.

* this is the fantastic stage. I mean - it is really quite entertaining cuz of the stage. You never find the singer so close to you when you are seated up there. I couldn't help but scream when i saw the stage.

* and the stage is not vertical. so cool right?

I'm no Aaron Kwok fan, but he is really good. But it would have been great if I knew his songs, couldnt sing along with him. How cool is a 44year old who dances so well and has 8pecs. Although he sings off-key once in awhile, I guess he is pretty respectable in his singing.

Verdict: Worth the ticket price. And it stretched slightly over 3 hours!

Ok more pix at FB... i'm too lazy to upload on both sides...

Saturday, May 30

Why binge drinking is bad for you....

What is binge drinking?

Binge drinking refers to excessive consumption of alcohol over a short period of time. For a male adult, this is about five or more standard drinks, and for female, four or more drinks, in one drinking session.

Binge drinking increases the risk of stroke, liver diseases, high blood pressure, risky behaviour, accidents and death.


Alcohol is often associated with celebrations. But too much alcohol can cause both short-term and long-term harmful effects and can cause death. This article shows you the other side of alcohol – something that doesn’t call for a celebration.

There is always a good reason to drink: parties, festive celebrations or watching a soccer game with your pals. But when one drinks excessively, it is hardly a case for celebration. Binge drinking, which refers to heavy drinking over a short period of time, can bring with it both short-term and long-term harmful effects.

Alcohol dependence
A person who drinks frequently, or drinks a lot may become addicted to alcohol.
Some signs of alcohol dependency include a strong urge to drink; the ability to drink larger quantities of alcohol without appearing intoxicated; persistent drinking; and undergoing withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop drinking.
Nearly 95 percent of all adults dependent on alcohol started drinking before the age of 21.

Short-term harms: Alcohol poisoning
Alcohol poisoning is the most life-threatening consequence of binge drinking. When a person drinks too much, his or her body’s reflexes are affected. These include breathing and the pharyngeal reflex. The pharyngeal reflex, also known as gag reflex, helps to prevent choking. If this reflex is not functioning well, one may die from choking on his or her vomit.

Some other signs of alcohol poisoning include:
lack of muscular coordination
blurred or double vision
drop in body temperature
low blood sugar concentration
low blood pressure
impaired judgement

If a person shows signs of alcohol poisoning, lay him on his side and call for immediate medical attention. Alcohol poisoning can be deadly.

Long-term harms
Drinking alcohol excessively and frequently for a long period of time can cause harm to several parts of the body.

Effects & description:


Accidents, injuries and high-risk behaviours – Drink driving accounts for a large proportion of those injured or killed in road traffic accidents. Also, alcohol abuse is associated with high-risk behaviours such as physical assaults and risky sexual behaviour.


Text lifted from:

And why too much alchohol is bad? It makes you fat.

Myth: If I go straight for drinks and skip dinner, I will imbibe less calories

FACT: Three cans of beer provide about 390 calories with little or no nutrients, whereas a bowl of fishball noodle soup gives about 330 calories with lots more nutrients packed in.If you drink excessively in place of a proper dinner, you risk not just consuming more calories but alcoholic poisoning too.

Also, alcohol is more easily metabolised into fat than the protein and carbohydrates in a nutritious meal, said Dr Tan.

Friday, May 29

Feel like a suckling pig

The weather is so hot, I feel that I am being roasted the moment I step out of the air-con. Doesn't help that I don't like to be tanned, and that I am already tanned from my last 2 hols and driving. Bathing doesn't help very much if you are going outdoors immediately after.

* Image taken from google link -

Wednesday, May 27

Housewarming cum Birthday Party

Had a cosy housewarming party cum my birthday dinner at Sandra's new home. The Premiere turned out to be quite nice, and of reasonable size. Except for the kitchen. The private design is pretty successful, and the location near to the interchange.

And our lovely host had to buy the food over 2 days, and trouble her mum to prepare the soup stock. Also Zhen did try to get the crabs that I wanted so much to eat (but they were sold out..grr). In the end, we did have yummy prawn paste chicken as replacement. But it could not replace my craving for crabs - so we shall have a birthday part 2!

Tuesday, May 26

Retail Executive Position

Anyone interested in a Retail Exec Position with a well-known brand (brand as not in branded. as in everyone knows kind of well-known)?

It has a basic + variable pay and reasonable benefits. But only if you are willing to work retail hours. 6 off days a month (2 weekends, 4 weekdays).

Retail background preferred.

Do email me if you are interested... and I'll connect you to the person.

Monday, May 25


Attended the "Up Close & Personal" Make-up workshop last sat at H&S. This was a new and exclusive event conducted by celebrity make up artist - Ginger Lynette Lee. It was as good as a free workshop as the $30 registration fee could be fully redeemable on Julie Hewett products.

As there were only 6 participants, it was a warm and cosy setting and allowed everyone to be interactive. It also helped that Ginger is friendly and clear in her explanations on the proper way to do makeup. For the first hour, Ginger used my sister to demonstrate (half the face and she had to do the other half). And the 2nd hour, we get to practice on our own faces.

I never knew that 2way cake would "eat" away my face colour! I gotta stop using it after I finish my new one... And the Julie Hewett range used was mostly of good quality, which I wouldnt have got some if I did not try it - simply because I've never heard of the brand before H&S brought it in.

I guess all of us had an enjoyable experience and I really think you should not miss it if there is any future workshops!

* my sis after the make-up looking girly and polished. haa
* she put on a dress to match her makeup. cuz she was wearing nike polo t and berms.

* our new collection acquired. new fans.

* i really like their brushes!

Saturday, May 23


Went for a temple event. Whilst the rest was guzzling beer, i was sipping sprite. Till my friend recommended that it would be nice to drink sprite with Martell. Turned out to be a nice mixer.

* spot the difference. beer on the left. martell w sprite on the right. I had to cover it with a bowl just in case the waitress added beer into it...

Thursday, May 21

Cape Town - South Africa. Part 1

Just to upload some pictures. Shall continue the rest when I'm free...

Tuesday, May 19

My exercise regime

The past few days I've been trying very hard to work out. However, I'm not sure how long I can sustain my routine. Every free time I have after or in-between work, I try to work out.

Day 1: Boxercise
Day 2: 5km run
Day 3: 2.4km run
Day 4: Body Combat
Day 5: Pilates, 50 golf swings, 1 round of Bedok reservoir
Day 6: I decide to rest

Another 8 days to go to reach my 2 week get fit plan. I hope I can continue to be so hardworking...

Monday, May 18

Fann Wong's ROM Dress

Dear Keith did the dress for Fann Wong's ROM. Great job!

Sunday, May 17

Some highlights of Shanghai & Hangzhou

Of random pictures and highlights of the trip and not in sequence. Shall upload all the rest in FB - when I find the energy to do so...

* Taking the cruise down the river to see the skyline.

* Pearl of Orient at night is much better looking.
* I personally think the Shanghai night view is nicer than HK. The architectures are really so interesting, compared to our local squarish buildings.
* evening skyline.

* Pearl of Orient. The popular tourist spot. It's a sky tower basically.

* up in the revolving restaurant in the Pearl of Orient. If you do go there, do skip the lunch. It really is bad.

* looking down.

* I liked my self taken pix the best. Caught the sticker that I wanted to in the background.

* spotted a beautiful architecture in XinTianDi. A very hip place. But it feels more Robertson Quay than Clarke Quay. Only nicer. We went to a local pub called Luna and moved on to another club supposedly opened by Carina Lau. I liked that place! The DJ was good... But the pix of the drunken people are really not so nice. Shall leave them out.

* spotted an olympic torch

* Zhou Manor. Was a really enjoyable location.

* we took the boat rowed by an ah po... she's really mean. try to frighten me by rocking the boat...
* spotted faux pas. we were super amused with the shop name.

* a popular place. good for shopping for souvenirs.

* visited my fren's home in Shanghai
* Went to watch the Circus. It's a daily affair, with a permanent location. Very pro. I loved the performance! There was a live orchestra and singer performing along with the troupe. And there was really effort to do up the backdrop and props for the different themes.
* Hermes spotted!

* the best food and value for money for the whole trip. If you go to Hang Zhou, please try this Wai Po Jia ....
* what else you can't miss in Hangzhou - West Lake (i.e. Xi1 Hu2)

* Westlake ... Lei Feng Ta
* the boat we took on the westlake.* poor guys were facing the crowd on the last row of the tram we took. It was so crowded, i bet they felt like animals being showcased.

* a climb up to the Pagoda in Hang Zhou
* Hang Zhou Long Jing Tea boiled in spring water. V expensive. This one was S$10 per glass. But it's really nice.
* gorgeous foliage. beautiful willows, bamboo trees etc.
Dong Po Rou - unabashly the best I had. at Zhiweiguan in Hang Zhou