Sunday, December 30

Debbie's Wedding

We were invited to Debbie's wedding on the 29th Dec 07.

Was late for fifteen min to meet at Chinatown MRT and was blamed for it the whole nite. Sheesh. And did you know there are 2 Furamas?! I thought we were going to Furama hotel, but guess what, it's Furama RiverView!! So it's the old Apollo Hotel, since when did it change name... Luckily CY and ZX was more alert than me...

Had a nice surprise to see "Apollo" being very nicely renovated inside compared to the exterior facade.

* cover of photos given out to guests.
* not sure if I am allowed to post the picture of the couple. will do so after i ask for permission.

* table gift* 2 pairs of figurines seen on the table in the suite.
* lovely "car plate" with their names on.

* wei meng, yufeng, me, zhixiong

* wei meng, me, zhixiong, cy

Friday, December 28

I want this bra baby....

Saw this on tv... this is such a great invention. Wonder if it works well.

Date with Kojiro

I had a date with my dear little Kojiro to watch Alvin & the Chipmunks!
* too bad it was rushed, and I din get to take pictures with the kid. I love hanging out with this boy, so cute!

Wednesday, December 26

Merry X'mas!

I love X'mas! Not a Christian, but it's a holiday mood...and lots of good food.

* Hello Kitty present from client... * shades from WM and necklace fr Cynamie!
* Anyone noticed the little X'mas tree tucked in the corner?
* star of the day - home K Box system costing 2 grand..* a golden pig as a lucky charm for the gal in blue - u know who u are. the pig is supposed to work when u kiss the tile with it.

* celebrating FY's belated bd!
* Messy table after eating. That was tea break. Real dinner was at 85 market. Yum!
* played a game of twister. it's a test of endurance and physical fitness!
* AHS gals
* PAYCO gals

Tuesday, December 25

Dad's Birthday on X'mas Eve

X'mas set dinner club. Very filling despite the helping looking miserably small. Very nice... as usual.

* Sis sporting my new shades.

Monday, December 24

Christmas party with ex-colleagues

The party that was called off was on again! This is a private party with only very few of us involved, total less than 10 people only. Was a day of serious over-eating. The pictures does not include 1 large and 1 medium pizza plus a seafood platter and prawn rolls.

At end of day, I am one of the few who tried the best to eat. It's bad for health the way we stuff ourselves.

* $99 ice-cream log cake from Haagen Daz. I think this is severely overpriced.

OG gathering

This is the 4th gathering we had this year. Ben's away these few months, so we made do without him.

Shin Kushiya

Me and Maze ran out of ideas for dinner. Thought to try out Shin Kushiya.
Thought it was like Sakae standard... so checked it out. Turned out it's abit pricier, helping is smaller.

Thought I was going to have a bad meal when I saw the food. Such small portions, I think not enough! By the way, what you see is a set for 2 people. However, small as it was the food turned out to be quite nice, and filling.

It set us back about $46 for the bill for the pictured items (note: it's one portion as u c, not 2 sets of it). However, it is stil reasonable on the whole if you ordered the nice items.

Goal Setting

My first goal setting retreat@ Singapore Yacht Club this year. Location is so ulu, lucky i hitched a ride there.

* Scenery could be good - without the construction blocking.

* RTA ladies* RTA male (without my 师父 in photo. someone keep talking on phone...)

* Starter
* very good mushroom soup * dory fish* apple crumble (not nice).

Very interesting day and sharing session. So much to learn! ^-^