Thursday, February 25

CNY surprise

Despite the horrible start to my CNY, I had a good memory of it this year. It's priceless to catch my Daddy playing WII. He did really well for a first-timer, playing bowling and archery! I gotta get it when I have my new home. Maybe we can play it together.

Sunday, February 21


Can't resist a pretty packaging when replenishing my supplies... Came across the current limited edition (I think) range... Loved all of them but I only needed a blusher. I am no longer a hoarder - I stopped buying make-up and skincare to store.

* love the tweed design, it has a subtle glitter too!

Thursday, February 18

High Tea @ St Regis

A very belated post. We went to St Regis for high tea to celebrate Madeline's birthday. My favourite hotel of all time, St Regis is a gorgeous location!

* look at the grand lift decor, the fresh exotic flowers etc...

* and a pool view from the restaurant.

* a tray of scones, sandwiches and pastries.

* love scones!

* vincent's choice of the main was the best - satay!
* and the worst - 2 miserable pieces of dim sum
* my quiche was small but fulfilling.

* toilet pic!

A lovely place but the service standard dropped. Food portion was miserably small though nice. I'll say not worth the price unless the service improve. I say - I still love St Regis as a location.

Wednesday, February 17

Freshly baked butter cake

Dear Mei Chen baked me a butter & coffee cake for tea when I visited her at her house!

Nicest and freshest cake I've had! The crust was crispy, cake was warm and fluffy. Yum!

Tuesday, February 16


My fren bought this lovely Chanel necklace to vent her frustration at work! Wish I could do so, I would have done that in the past but my 2010 resolution is to make more and save more! (I hope..hahah) Let's see how long (or if I will ever) succumb to buying the pair of earrings in the same design.


Friday, February 12

Tampopo Taka

My first time at Tampopo recently. Never really felt up to queuing for it. One Monday evening while shopping w An Chyi... we found that it was empty, so finally my first time there.

* I love the egg!

Thursday, February 11


My yummy dinner at Kuriya late last month with my lovely hall mates Audrey and Niq... and we went on to have some drinks at Mr Punch. How time flies, I've known my them for 9 years!

* The small portions of each item was just enough to fill us without feeling too full. Lovely dinner.

Wednesday, February 10

Gourmet Chocolate Workshop

The long-awaited chocolate workshop organised by NUSS, whereby the instructor of the day was an ex-pastry/dessert chef from Ritz Carlton. We were so looking forward to it.

I would say that the chef herself was probably very qualified and great at her job. But it was probably the first time that she taught. The way it was carried out was unorganised and not very enlightening.

The chocolate mix was done for us, like a kids' class. They gave us the ready ingredients and the chocolate mix and you get to mould them etc. The Chef was unable to give clear instructions and left the class in bewilderment. She couldn't verbalise the steps that she was doing, assuming that we understood. Thank goodness for the facilitator who spoke clearly and conveyed our questions. However, some questions were never really understood and answered.

The recipe sheet given was not clear enough and it didn't have all the items that we were making. In the end, I just gave up paying attention and just played with the chocolates like they were playdough. Not worth my $48!

* we started making cornflakes in white choc.
* and went on to coconut truffle (forgot the name) and rocher.

* it was one messy processs

* weiming went along too. He made all the big-sized chocs!

Tuesday, February 9

Happy Daze

Rare Sunday dinner out. We went to Serangoon Gardens for dinner at Happy Daze. It was my first time there.

* fruit beer. quite expensive though, it's $18 a pop. I prefer regular beer though. Nice try.

Nice, cosy rustic place. Food pricing is average. Can try it out if you are in the area!

Sunday, February 7

aCAMPdemy Awards!

Of the long-awaited 2nd aCAMPdemy awards! This year was quieter due to a couple of absentees. But everyone was dressed up to the nines. A lovely gathering nevertheless though the mood was not the same this time round.

Thanks to the committee! (though they won't be reading this...)

More parties please!

* of a random pic taken off my phone.