Monday, October 25

Justin and Sann

Wishing my friend Weifeng and his lovely wife a blissful and happy marriage!

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Tuesday, October 12

Spain updates

This Madrid trip marks the first European country that I have visited. Lovely city!

Some pix fr my iPhone.

Day 1: scouting around hotel area

1st dinner in Spain. Beer, paella, half chicken, pasta, tapas. We over-ordered, over-ate and over-spent.

Day 2:

Streets r quiet even at 9am.

Breakfast at Mac. Not so cheap.

Visit to Museo Del Prado. Lovely!
No cameras allowed inside though - pity.


Soccer Time!!!
Real Madrid Vs Espanol
I'm no soccer fan but I got really excited once I stepped into the stadium. No Ronaldo fan but got excited watching him live in action. Worth the time and $. Highlight of my trip!

Massive! Stadium for 80k.


This is how high the stadium goes.

More updates soon!


I've gone half vegetarian for the last few days. Monk says that if we do that Grandma will accumulate credits and go to heaven.

Hope I can last!

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Friday, October 8

End of the Road

Bye bye 婆婆. We miss you. I hope you are in heaven now.

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