Wednesday, May 30

Do you know?

I picked this off Reader's digest. It sounds like alot of energy to lose it.

* had lunch at raffles place yesterday, one of the kopi tiams in raffles place. yummy! its fish slice maggi mee...
* and my sinful dinner today. NYDC's posh spice backed pasta.

Monday, May 28

Dunkin Donuts?!

My friend sent me a link saying that Dunkin Donuts is back. Was real happy to hear it.

But I kinda find it weird. The site looks like the american one, but it doesnt make sense that DD sells only online, and does not have any shopfront. Also, the collection points are at mrt stations.

Well, it may be for real... but weird right?!

See the site for yourself.

Sunday, May 27

Get Bitten!

Sarah Jessica Parker launched her clothing line few days back in NYC which will be sold exclusively through Steve Barry’s. Get a sneak peak at her official website:

“Women should be able to wear great clothes and not lie in bed at night feeling guilty about how much money they’ve spent. High quality, luxurious clothes do not need to cost as much as we’ve been led to think.”

Well, SJP is cool. So we should expect nice stuff to come from her. Welcome to the world of celebrity endorsements. Makes fashion sooo exciting.

Weekend ... here again. Time flies.

Was invited to watch Pirate of the Caribbean 3 for free at VIVO. Was kinda early though at 9.45am. Johnny Depp rocks!

Have not had Sizzler's for I think... 3 years... Recalled that the last time I had it was with my FYP group in my final year... Time flies!~

* salad bar buffet. lots of salad and vegetables.
* clam chowder with lots of croutons
* my grilled dory main
* ming's baked chicken with cheese main.

* fruits and ice-cream for dessert. Guess which one is my ice-cream. =P

Saturday, May 26

Nice evening.

I think my fitness level is dropping. After consuming too many calories and working out too little. Aching all over after just 1 hour of class.

Had dinner at Siam Kitchen. There was no queue at all, so I was wishing that the food won't be too bad. But it turned out to be alright. There was a a-la-carte buffet at $19.90 per head. Which wasn't a bad deal if you really could eat.

Many tables were having that, but I think it would be grossly over-eating. me and cynamie were already big eaters, and we thought that 3 bowls were filling. how do you force yourself to eat a tableful of food!

* we shared green curry, seafood tom yum, and chicken wings. Erm, the chicken wings were so tiny looking. it looked like pigeon wings. And we realised that, they split the wing into 2, so that

Had dessert with great company. Had not seen my ex-colleagues from my temp job days for years. Though it was a short encounter as I turned up late.. was glad to make it.

* ex-ODT frenz!

** see the yummy dessert pix at cynamie's post. we shared 2 cakes and an exotic tea brew.

Thursday, May 24

Herman Miller Chairs

I really love the chairs from Herman Miller. Only got to try sitting on the Aeron model before. It's really comfortable. Hope can afford one later on. Ahh...

Wednesday, May 23

Quarter-Life Crisis

Not that I'm having one. Was surfing the net when I noticed this article. It's about 1 mth old already. But as my birthday nears... it kinds freaks me out. I guess most of my friends are around this age. Do you relate to this syndrome?
On the wrong side of 25 and hating it By Sandra Leong - Apr 23, 2007 The Straits Times

Had lunch at Island Cafe today. Oh yes, I am kinda ulu. It's my first time there after so many years. And its with a friend whom I'm not that close to yet, so no pix! It's very nice actually, though price is abit steep. We had the special set of the day - nasi lemak/ fish slice bee hoon. 2 main courses with drink and dessert at $19.90. The nasi lemak had ikan billies, nuts, achar, eggs and veges. Dessert - sago with coconut cream and brown sugar (I like!) Nice ambience too.

Monday, May 21

Feeling Good

It's a great feeling when you have helped someone, without even trying too hard. Thought I have done something good today - its a good feeling to be able to do that.

Anyway, see the latest Ai-chan photos!

Sunday, May 20

The Weekend - Sunday

I saw this comic in Sunday Times today. Thought it was kinda cute. And applicable to mind conditioning training - albeit in a cute way.
* I think you may not be able to see. The title of the book is "Unleash Your Mind Power". I kinda like it. Cute comic strip.

Had a great evening. Great company. We went for KTV at the guild house. And I din realise, KTV on Sun evening is considered off-peak. only $15 for 2 hours!

And then we had dinner at some famous shop selling turtle soup at Guillemard Road.
I forgot to check out the name of the shop. Had many celebrity photos on the wall though.
Actually, I did not dare to have the turtle soup. Not after I knew how they were killed.

* Whole turtle was prepared for this soup (which I did not take).

* Sambal Kang Kong with Octopus.
* Crocodile meat and fins. Alright, I tried the fins. But its... not my kind of food. The fin is like chewy and sticky. Abit like a cross between sea cucumber and octopus.

And the other dishes without pictures. Thai style fried fish, chicken wings, and black chicken herbal soup. Now I feel heaty.

The Weekend - Saturday

Attending my uni fren'z wedding on Saturday. It was such a sweet event, as the bride was beaming ear to ear. No usual scenario of the harassed bride or teary stuff. What a great event!

The church wedding.
* my dear fren marching down the aisle.
* Looking at the compilation of pictures.
* me and yanshi at dinner. Have not received the group photos from her yet...

Friday, May 18


It's been a long time since I had so much vegetables. Fiona being the most thoughtful person, noticed the need for me to have more, so she ordered 2 vege dishes. Yummy lunch from kopitiam.

I had to check out the Gap Design Edition after hearing it from my friend. And seeing the feature in Urban yesterday. ( )
Actually, only had a vague idea of the participating designers Doo-ri, Thakoon and sisters behind Rodarte . Emerging young designers. And I was not really a fan of GAP. Anyway, really fell in love with them, but could only get one since they were out of size. Almost could not get my size.
* It's just a white shirt/shirtdress. This one is by Thakoon. But the details on the sleeves are so cute!
* and look at the pleats at the shoulders. Not easy to iron and wear though. Guess mum will complain again.

Thursday, May 17

Pasta de Waraku

I went to the Isetan Private Sale today. And bought nothing! It is such a great achievement, I am so very proud of myself. Guess I have got rid of my compulsive shopping habit for now. By leaving the retail industry.

Had dinner at Pasta de Waraku at Central yesterday.
It is very nice!! Took a good 10 min to decide what to eat. Please go if you have not.
* Salad that comes along with the pasta.
* see my oyster and bacon cabonara with an egg yolk on top. Yummy!
* me and medha.

Tuesday, May 15

Been busy last few days. Now I'm lazy to categorise my food by day. I had these food over the last few days!

Sat - Zhixiong's bd celebration. Esplanade Ichiban Boshi

Sunday breakfast -
Monday Lunch - Tahu Goreng
China Square, Basement, Vegetarian Stall.
Very nice!
Monday Tea - Rochor Rd
Soya Bean milk and you tiao...
Very good. Beats Geylang's you tiao da wang.

Today was the best.
Must try.
Park Hotel Orchard - Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant
Very good. Authentic Japanese Food. Worth the price.

* pls do not misunderstand that I have not been working. I eat 3 meals a day like all of you. Just that the volume is more. Ya, serve me right for putting on weight. =(

Saturday, May 12

Achiever's Night

Was invited to the annual DnD - Achiever's Night at Swissotel Stamford yesterday evening by our manager. Sad that his wife din make it though. It would be fun if she was around too. Ithink there were some 100 tables in the ballroom.
* The menu. 8 course dinner, that seems to feel like a 10-course.
* A toy that makes alot of noise. I want my SLK to be in this shade of pink. Lolz. * Cold dish. Satay was the best. * Consequently, we were served individual portions. Thats why it in a mini portion... * and I missed taking pictures for most other dishes... There were people I do not know at the table. So its kinda embarrassing to keep shooting pix. * and my mentor on the stage. ..
* close-up of the trophy.
* RTA... (part of the team only).

Thanks to Keith for lending me the dress for the night. Thank god, I did not have to buy, and it is impossible to clash with another girl in that dress. Plus its such a gorgeous dress! Love it...

Oh, and to Ming, who helped me to do the 36 buttons. It took quite awhile to wear the dress!

Dinner at Waraku

Joined Noel and her project mates for dinner at Waraku. The food is very much authentic, and affordable. * Noel's seafood kaminabe...
* My dinner: cream cheese and hotate udon. It's nice, but I regretted my choice. Boring compared to the rest.
* Michelle had Ebi tempura with soba. I forgot the name of the dish though.
* and our dessert. Nothing special ice cream. Main course is better.