Friday, August 14

A new blog

I have decided to emigrate temporarily or for good to a new blogsite. Blogspot really kills my momentum to update. Wonder what's wrong.

But I'm still figuring out how to config it to something like my blogspot layout...

Tuesday, August 4

Fashion Asia

I managed to catch half of the 2nd episode of Fashion Asia, hosted by Keith. Missed the first episode, and I'm trying to find a copy of it to view.

I feel both a sense of pride and relief for my friend who has done well - all in a matter of 2 years since he came out to strike on his own. He has started from made-to-measure in a small rental office, to doing dresses for celebrities, opening hide&seek, and now also as a host for a travel-fashion tv program. With all due respect, he works very hard and deserves to be recognised.

We had both started out self-employed about the same time, and congratulate him on making it this far. I'm sure he will scale greater heights!

* Catch the 12 episode program on Channel U, Tues 8.30pm.

The present

Got this cute pen from my younger sis. Her very first pay from her first full time job, she bought me a gift. Which is a nice gesture la... only thing is that she only bought for me (not for my parents. but is ok, cuz they will think she is wasting $ anyway.)...

* The pen is exactly the same size as the current pink crystal one I'm using. Have so many complaints about it being bling and rough to hold. So now we have a smoother pen to write with, though it's still pink. sorry guys!

I thot it's pretty cute how much the print looks like my blog skin.