Tuesday, December 30

Random pix of Aiko & Kojiro

Of some random pix of the babes. They're flying back early tom... no more updates till then!

Xmas Day dinner with the Kitazawas.

* dad having a great time w ai-chan taking pix.
* kojiro really used the massager to hit my sis. i bet it hurts!

* u got to love this. Kojiro is so adorable! i thot he was so much cuter with the weight...
* the darling looks like a babe from a postcard.

*kojiro now and then.

*ai-ko loves her new double decker bed. she beckons us to visit repeatedly.

* the kids kind of like ming too...

* her gaze is so intense. for a 2 yr old ....

* kojiro loves romping on the sofa.
A day out at East Coast

* leading the gal to the Eddie Murphy's

* the 2 of them go wild in each other's company.

* cheeky ai-chan
* at the beach. till then!

Me n My Hello Kitty presents

Me and my new additions to my hello kitty collection! A courreges hello kitty pouch fr pauline, 2 charms fr sean, and a key chain fr Maze...

Sunday, December 28

May & Kevin's Wedding

This is such a late post.. but anyway.

A long-awaited wedding in my family. Kevin & May has been dating for the longest time. Like 15 yrs (can't remember)? It's as long as I can remember even back in lower sec. But you can't really tell their real age! Anyway a happy event to attend.

* my aunt here is over 60, and has never dyed her hair before. Has no pigmentation, and not many wrinkles! argh I envy her so much!

* me and my lovely nephew and niece (cousin's children)...

Thursday, December 25

Of good fellowship

2008 has blitzed past and is coming to an end now. Been a fantastic yr, and hope it will get better for everyone of us.
Me and RTA members...Xmas Lunch w KNA associates. Hope our family can expand further next yr!


Dear friends, Merry X'mas and have a Blessed Yr in 2009! The year may seem tough, but we'll all pull through it!

Been so busy that I have accumulated a massive no. of pictures which I have not uploaded! Shall do so soon.

Thursday, December 11

Prada catalogue

I've never bought a single Prada item (ok besides my speccies) and was surprised to c a nice Prada envelope on my table.

* it contained this lovely catalogue... which created a urge for me to grab one of these....

... cute teddy bears for hp accessories... or
* charms for hanging somewhere else... but

The one that really captured my heart is this skull themed accessories. it is so so matching with my car!! Hmm but dunno where to put in the car though. let's tink about it.
damn this is like a "bomb". Y did I receive a catalogue?

* a big suspect: dfs? maybe they used the database...

Wednesday, December 10

Shanghai Restaurant@ Suntec

Went to try out the new restarant at Suntec lunch today. Pricing and selection's similar to crystal jade, but shanghai style la. the food abit salty though, and the porridge (we ordered chicken and mushroom) is no good. Other than that, it's actually worth a visit.

* minced pork pancake

* spicy minced pork with vermicelli
* fried mango roll

* glutinous rice siew mai

Job Hunting

Anyone know of job openings? Or any good employment agency that you know of?

There are a couple of frenz and clients who are on the lookout. We're looking for marketing/sales/purchase/bank related work.

Can anyone email me at roserina@yahoo.com if u know of any? Thks!

Tuesday, December 9

Giant Curry Puff

Do not know the name of this Italian food. It's like a pizza, but moulded into the shape of a giant curry puff. We ordered one with hawaiian filling. This was on top of our Botak Jones dinner... Had fish n chips for lunch, then cajun chicken. Argh i need a run.

Saturday, December 6

Happiness is contagious, study finds

Happiness is contagious, study finds

The same team that demonstrated obesity and smoking spread in networks has shown that the more happy people you know, the more likely you are yourself to be happy.

--> Fri, Dec 05, 2008Reuters

The same team that demonstrated obesity and smoking spread in networks has shown that the more happy people you know, the more likely you are yourself to be happy.

And getting connected to happy people improves a person's own happiness, they reported in the British Medical Journal.

"What we are dealing with is an emotional stampede," Nicholas Christakis, a professor of medical sociology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, said in a telephone interview.

Christakis and James Fowler, a political scientist at the University of California, San Diego, have been using data from 4,700 children of volunteers in the Framingham Heart Study, a giant health study begun in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1948.

They have been analyzing a trove of facts from tracking sheets dating back to 1971, following births, marriages, death, and divorces. Volunteers also listed contact information for their closest friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

They assessed happiness using a simple, four-question test.
"People are asked how often during the past week, one, I enjoyed life, two, I was happy, three, I felt hopeful about the future, and four, I felt that I was just as good as other people," Fowler said.

The 60 percent of people who scored highly on all four questions were rated as happy, while the rest were designated unhappy.


People with the most social connections -- friends, spouses, neighbors, relatives -- were also the happiest, the data showed. "Each additional happy person makes you happier," Christakis said.
"Imagine that I am connected to you and you are connected to others and others are connected to still others. It is this fabric of humanity, like an American patch quilt."
Each person sits on a different-colored patch. "Imagine that these patches are happy and unhappy patches. Your happiness depends on what is going on in the patch around you," Christakis said.

"It is not just happy people connecting with happy people, which they do. Above and beyond, there is this contagious process going on."

And happiness is more contagious than unhappiness, they discovered.

"If a social contact is happy, it increases the likelihood that you are happy by 15 percent," Fowler said. "A friend of a friend, or the friend of a spouse or a sibling, if they are happy, increases your chances by 10 percent," he added.

A happy third-degree friend -- the friend or a friend of a friend -- increases a person's chances of being happy by 6 percent.

"But every extra unhappy friend increases the likelihood that you'll be unhappy by 7 percent," Fowler said.

The finding is interesting but it is useful, too Fowler said.

"Among other benefits, happiness has been shown to have an important effect on reduced mortality, pain reduction, and improved cardiac function. So better understanding of how happiness spreads can help us learn how to promote a healthier society," he said.
The study also fits in with other data that suggested -- in 1984 -- that having $5,000 extra increased a person's chances of becoming happier by about 2 percent.

"A happy friend is worth about $20,000," Christakis said.

His team also is examining the spread of depression, loneliness, and drinking behavior.

Friday, December 5

Of a desperate attempt to save my dry flaky skin

My skin is in a mess. It's a combination of dryness, flakiness and breakout. So ugly! The NZ weather has wreaked havoc on my skin. And it didn't help that I also suffered from sunburn. So it's a really tough choice between 1) covering the breakout with makeup & looking flakey fr the dry skin or 2) not to put any makeup, and look like a sec school girl wif bad skin.

And so it was my perfect excuse to get new skincare and make-up! Thks to Lian... I got my Isetan staff sale discount. Hope it works. The chanel serum is really good, took only 2 applications to c some difference. * cross my fingers that everything will be back to normal. soon.

Seah St Deli

Had a nice lunch of lamb shank with Sandia gal... Her Raffles Feed card came in frenly. Our bill of 2 mains and a cake came up to only $30!

Check out the sinfully rich and fresh chocolate cake. I tink it's called "decadence". Such a huge helping that both of us could not finish it, however delicious it tasted.

Wednesday, December 3

Rising medical costs.

I hardly fall sick. But after the trip, I start to feel ill. Since I could claim fr my travel insurance, I went to see the GP. For a bottle of cough mixture and consultation of 3 min. It costed me $25!!

Doctors don't get filthy rich, but they are rich. And they are really quite recession proof. How obscene the cost to c a GP these days...

Tuesday, December 2

New Zealand Convention 2008

Off I go to my first company convention! Thanks to my dear clients who helped me along in 2007! I'm really thankful that they trusted and supported me in my maiden year in 2007, couldn't have done without any one of them.

This trip was to Auckland, Rotorua, New Zealand. Actually abit boliao, cuz it's so far and we only went for 5 days. 10 hrs on flight, 3 hrs on coach. But then again, it's on company a/c, so go for it la.

NZ is so ulu as you know. I heard there is 4 million people, but 10 million cows. Ok, and so there are sheeps all around as well. Hardly saw anyone on the road. Some cars here and there. Alot of land, cows, sheep, some birds, ducks, horses and an occasional ostrich. Good for people who love mother nature.

Juz some shots to share. Shall upload the rest on FB. Too tedious.

* a very nice souvenir to take back. a personalised tag and badge.

* arrival at NZ airport

* first stop. Scenic tower. lunch facing a dormant volcano. this is in auckland itself.

* scenic tower. it's a spot for bungee jump.

* journey to Rotorua

* first "toilet-break" stop. nice back garden. there's a river flowing right behind.

* at the foot of the hill. going to do the luge!
* this is the luge ride.

* and took the gondola back up to the top of hill.

* playing a game of snatching the coloured paper from the sheep. wow super difficult! talk about the sheep jump over the fence. they really can!

* the most siong game. vertical cycling.

* at tepuia. a typical ancestral house. sacred place. u have to be invited to enter the place. alot of meaning behind the structure.

* geyser. v beautiful.

* river flowing behind my hotel. there's also a mini geyser. and the rocks are really warm from the volcanic activity.

* boiling water... we trekked down the back of the hill to reach it. tink can die if we drop into that water. dangerous.
* at the gala dinner. Robert Tan associates. too bad Amy-jie went back already... * favourite activity of the trip. 4WD! I thought it was those monster truck. heng... it's a covered jeep. thought i will die freaking out. but it turned out to be real fun!

* obstacle no. 2. a 45 degree steep drop down the hill. you basically creep till the extreme edge. hand break and full brakes on. and the guy pushes the car down. so it slides down like a toy. well, my car over-crept. and we basically free falled down the slope without the breaks. no warning!

* happy after doing our drop down. c the car in the backdrop?

* on the way to the airport. a 3 hour drive. nice place, but home sweet home!