Thursday, August 28

Looking back on Life

With my grandma in hospital after a bad fall (for the Nth time). This was the most serious ever, resulting in stitches, and blood clot.

It was a critical period, but guess she has more or less pulled through. 2 days in deep sleep, she finally opened her eyes. Just so that having a life saved, but to be permanently bed-ridden and forever to be fed by tubes. Half her left body is paralysed due to stroke, and she can hardly open her eyes, not to mention speak to us. Unable to communicate, we cannot know what she is thinking of.

For a moment, there was a scary part of having to make a decision to let your loved ones to go, or to prolong their life (or even agony). A practical decision, or an emotional one. The dilemma persists. Prolonging a life can be expensive, and mentally draining. But not doing so, will seem like having a heart of stone, and filial piety thrown to the dogs.

At the prime of our life, we think we are invincible. But have we done our best or even start living a life of meaning? Grandma worked very hard all her life, and she was always happily busy looking after the family. Strong and agile in the past, at the age of 84, she succumbed to the wear and tear on her physical body.

I'm sure one day, we will reach a stage whereby the body is beyond repair. It is scary to even think of it. But it's also a reminder to do anything that you really want to, before age hits you. Now that my grandma has reached this age, i fear the day when my parents reach the stage. i pray that they will be healthy always.

Tuesday, August 26

A vandal strikes

What the hell. My baby is only 3 mths in possession and it gets scratched! and on 2 doors!

Idiot vandal, I hope he gets caught and jailed. Could it be a case of jealousy? or some idiot neighbour who secretly hates us.

Heart pain... i haven even got my license to drive it, and it gets hurt 3 times!

As with this website... it makes meaning once again to me. to forgive and move on. I'm full of resentment and anger at the vandal now. but i shall try to practice forgiveness.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So very much good

Be slow to take offense if indeed you ever take offense at all. For being offended gains you nothing and can cost you much.

Have patience with the mistakes and follies of others. Instead of harsh criticism, offer genuinely helpful feedback so that everyone benefits.

Forgive early and forgive often. Set yourself free from the heavy burden of resentment, and move quickly beyond the pain.

Learn from your regrets, yet do not punish yourself with them. Today is a new day with more possibilities than ever before.

Be truly thankful for all that is, and for your opportunity to experience it. You'll discover great stores of goodness and value when you simply have faith that they're there.

Live beyond the petty, fleeting concerns, and focus on the profound and beautiful substance of your life. There is so very much good that you can always do with it.

-- Ralph Marston

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Great Eastern. We turn 100 today!

Hope I'll win the SLK ....

Sunday, August 24

A Bimbotic Game

This is one game that surely attracts guys.

And who says girls are bimbotic. Guys are too.
This game is to just take nice pictures of her. And you may have the chance to take at different scenes. ahem, like the beach. in bikini.

* pouting & looking bored.
* squeezing her cleavage

An interesting invite

Picked up an invite @ hide&seek for a fashion show 2 new local labels, Furrmuse & Pouf at Zouk. Look out for these labels! There was also a showcase of young designers fresh out of design school. Those were really more runway than ready-to-wear though...

* This invite to a fashion show is pretty cute. Comes in a serviette size pack.
* when opened up, there's an invite in between the bubble wrap. Very cute!

Gift from Japan!

Wm got me many little gifts from Japan. I make it a point to collect Hello Kitties from different parts of Japan. I like them dressed in the distinctive outfits that best represent the place.

* i love turtles nowadays. Look at my overweight pot-bellied turtle from Kamogawa Seaworld.

*Ice-cream kitty from Mother Farm & hot spring kitty from Gunma

* erm.. obviously a handkerchief from Chiba...
* towel from tokyo tower
* mount fuji kitty. a pink volcano! i like...
* castle kitty from Matsumoto castle

* another one from Mount Fuji

Saturday, August 23

7th Month Dinner

Of my first 7th mth dinner in a many many years! Was invited to join earlier last week at Chinatown Biz Association's one.

* Auction Bidding. Deafening. The speaker was facing us direct. And YH tried to change it's direction to no avail.
* our first dish at 9pm! So very hungry....

*Vin thought of an idea to eat in piece. See yellow object in ear - a torn piece of serviette.
very no image. but i can imagine what drove him to do that.

Thursday, August 21

Golden Retriever?

Looking for caring and responsible dog-lovers.... a 3 month old golden retriever is up for adoption...

SMS/email me at if you are interested. for genuinely interested parties only.

** not mine. my friend asked me if there may be anyone keen.

Friday, August 15


Just doing some advert for my fren...

Astriel is having her Post GSS promotion from now till 27th August. New $19 and $25 bargain items (tops and dresses!), as well as a 'buy 4 get the 5th FREE' promotion valid for both red tag and regular items. Check it out if you're free, and help pass on the message! :)

Wednesday, August 13

The road to accomplishment

This site never fails to encourage & enlighten when I feel like I need some guidance. Today's inspiration....

The road to accomplishment

When the challenges are great, so are the possibilities for making real progress.

Accept that those challenges exist, and yet do not be resigned to them.

Be clear and honest about where you are. Then begin moving boldly toward where you wish to go.

Look realistically at the difficulties you face. In every single one of them, there is opportunity.

No one is better positioned than you to make the most of those unique and meaningful opportunities. For you know exactly where you are, where you intend to be, and what you have to work with.

The road to real accomplishment leads directly through the challenges. Right now, you have what it takes to begin moving forward on that road.

You know what must be done, and more importantly, you know why you must do it. Step confidently into the challenges, and keep going until you reach the success that is on the other side.

-- Ralph Marston

Sunday, August 10

National Day!

Had a date with daddy to the NDP... mum was left alone at home cuz we only had 2 tickets. And she din quite fancy the parade - expecting the heat from being seated from 4.45pm.

Thank god, weather was really quite good. It was cloudy when we arrived. However, it started drizzling and then light rain. And guess what? Lucky me had to have the "101" fun pack that did NOT have the poncho! Still lucky, the rain was very light, and it din bother me not having the poncho. hmmph. Shd have bought the $8m toto!

My first NDP in donkey years. It's really quite enjoyable. And so organised. It was a smooth journey from the mrt to the stadium. But it could also be cuz there are much lesser seats than the National Stadium.

Besides the lack of participation - also maybe due to lack of prompting from the hosts/comperes, I kind of enjoyed the parade. And a pity that there were no kakis to stay back together. The music was quite good. Erm St James DJ. But then, it sounded fine.

Tuesday, August 5

Driving Blues

This would be a rare post of me ranting.

Seriously, driving is kinda challenging to me. Yes, I'm driving auto, but then there must be lack of talent somewhere?

Every lesson leaves me more scared than ever. Erm, especially on the road. Today my instructor said " I feel scared in your car. Not because I'm scared of the danger, but that you are driving dangerously. " Omg. How's that? I don't think I shd take passengers in my car at all?!

But then again, I will pass for the sake of my "baby"... ganbatte. I have more lessons to go. Maybe I'll have a 180degree change by next lesson. Tuition anyone?

Sunday, August 3

RTA BBQ @ Guild House

So lazy to upload pictures these days. Long overdue pictures to be uploaded. A rare evening to gather most of the agency strength out for dinner. A dinner from Robert to reward great production in the mth of June.

BBQ Seafood buffet @ NUSS guild. Only $24.90++ I think it's really quite value. Food is not bad too. For members only though.