Thursday, January 31


Of gastric pains and problems. My gastric is back and why is that so? A commonly found problem is irregular eating habits or skipping of meals. However, I think I have overate! I'm sure it's not a common diagnosis for gastric.

So lazy to post my food pix these days. Will lump it all together one of these days...

Tuesday, January 29

Friday, January 25


Lovely kid. She's only 1.5 yrs old, and she can talk and run very well...
Love her!

Tuesday, January 22


I've read so many rave reviews about truffles, and today, for the first time I tasted the priced fungi. A 4 course meal each with black truffles at Iggy's (Regent Hotel). It was a treat from my friend, and very good company I had too.

Thanks Susan for the lovely lunch. It was great!

* black truffles.

Monday, January 21

MRT breakdown causes chaos!

Why are we paying more and getting such frequent breakdowns and super slow intervals in between trains? It's agony being crushed by thousands. And having a jam in your own estate. Going to work took 40mins trip instead of 15min. Spent 1 hr in total to reach office (tampines - eunos).

Is there a conspiracy to force us to take cabs? *hmph

"57,000 affected by 7-hour breakdown in MRT train service

SOME 57,000 were stranded when MRT train services on the East-West line between Pasir Ris and Tanah Merah stations were disrupted on Monday morning."

Article: "Cancer cure: TCM vs 'western' medicine"

An article to share, it's always been a topic of debate. i'm sure some of us every come across cancer patients. if there's any info on TCM vs western, it may be good to share.

Cancer cure: TCM vs 'western' medicine

" .....

What happens when traditional and complementary medicine (TCM) cause grievous harm to patients? Do we keep our peace for fear of exposing 'the emperor's new clothes'? Or do we speak up and advocate good science and positivist philosophy?

........ "

Saturday, January 19

Gold Class movie @ GV Vivo

Was treated to Gold Class@ Vivo by WM.

Though the tickets were expensive, it was actually quite understandable when I walked in.
The waiting area cum bar was so big and empty. Cinema could only seat like 9 couples. And on the day we watched, there were only 6 people seated...

* Curry fish rice was good! Din expect cinema food to be this nice.

** guess we spent some $100 on tickets and food just for the movie alone. One time is enough, if any would be special occasions.

Jotham Updated.

Big-eyed Thai-Chinese Singaporean Jotham@ Home. A visit to see the little kid who has eyes much bigger than me. And loves smiling for the camera.


I have sinned. Again.

Thursday, January 17

Subsidy (Hospitalisation) for Citizens & Non-Citizens

Do you know ur entitlements and changes? Those who are close to me will know I've been advocating about protecting oneself against these potential costs.

Are you a Singapore PR? If you are, these are some changes that will affect you.

(* info taken from

With the new means testing, there would be plenty among us who will be affected by it. An article dated 16th Jan 2008 described "using the June 2006 Labour Force survey as an indicator, the bottom half of earners have monthly incomes of $2,040 or less." How many of you are earning below $2000.... Do you think you would always get a bed space in ward B2?

Well, let's see how MOH comes up with the new arrangements. Keep our fingers crossed. Find me morbid, but there are countless cases of people being warded each day. We are just lucky that we are not one of them... yet. Hopefully never.

Thursday, January 10

1 yr anniversary

It's been one year since I was contracted with GE. Today is my 1 yr anniversary contract date (not physically practising then), and celebrated it with our annual kickoff. In retrospection, it has been an amazing year of learning and changes.

It did not seem so long ago when I was tearful and apprehensive about switching career paths. There has been ups and downs along the way, it is now over, and 2008 is a a fresh new year to start it all over again.

Good people are aplenty, and I am grateful for knowing so many of them. Let it be a great new year for all of us!

* opening of Kick-off.

* ending with the lucky draw highlight for 2008 contest. it's the SLK!! There are 2 of them, one for client contest, and the other for agent contest. Are u lucky enough to win it?

Sunday, January 6

NBS gathering

This is kind of a duplicate of the pictures in facebook... but... not everyone is in my facebook right?!

I'm so happy to see these friends from my NTU marketing class. I think it is the first time since we graduated to have full strength turnout!! To all who made effort to turn up, and GZ to organise it (follow up of YS's effort). Had dinner at Pasta Cafe@ Ngee Ann City.

*the gals.

* everyone else in the picture except KK taking the picture
* charlene, me and sandy.

* why am i in the middle again?! KK, me and sandy
Mich, me, charlene and BP had 2nd round at CheeseCake Cafe at Siglap after that. Such a joyful but sinful evening.

Tuesday, January 1

Welcoming 2008

Times flies, its almost 2nd of Jan 2008! OMG.

Do you have new hopes and aspirations for 2008? Are you one of those who set up new year resolutions and then break them again? In the news program, a psychiatrist suggested that we share our goals with somebody else, to make a "commitment". And it'll be more likely to be achieved.

Here it goes! My 2008 non-financial goals are:

1) To get my driving license
2) Attempt 21km

Please remind me to persevere and complete these 2 goals this year!