Tuesday, April 27


We went to the Asia Trader & Investor Convention (ATIC) over the weekend with Aaron and Susan. My first time at such a convention, it was really a small scale event. There was nothing much interesting to me probably cuz I'm an outsider.
* we attended John Carter's talk. It's a familiar voice that I hear almost daily from ming's computer. Din know he's pretty young to start with. Think his "wife" stories are funny. I'm not that bad an audience, did catch some points!

* then we went shopping at Carrefour. Was supposed to just get some organice vegetables for my mum. But ended up.... buying 4 bottles of wine. And Susan got the Glennfiddich whiskey cake?! Even the cake has to contain alcohol. Tsk.

Sunday, April 25

Wild Honey

Keith took me to lunch earlier this week at Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery. The ambience is really nice and cosy. And the food is great! It serves themed breakfast. I will go back again...

* European
* Tunisian

* special Mocha (I forgot the name)

Friday, April 23

Dior Summer Look 2010

What a great combi! Do check it out!

Thursday, April 22


My new project is up! It's not very well done yet but I have started my posts on it. Just to separate my work updates as well as things I pick up as I accompany my mum on her journey to recovery from cancer.

Pink Diary will be a place where only happy stuff are posted. Do visit my pinklovenotes blog!

Friday, April 16

Dinner@Bukit Timah Guild House

Since my dad stopped working, he has been eating as healthily as my mum and he kept complaining. So I brought him out to an evening of fine dining at NUSS Bukit Timah.

The food is excellent and really very well-priced at $38.90 (no service charge!) for a 4 course inclusive of coffee/tea. The location is also small & cosy with a great atmosphere of a rustic colonial restoration bungalow.

We had in sequence:
Starters: Salmon 3 big helpings
Plum like sorbet

I'd want to go back there again despite the hidden location. Yum!

Thursday, April 15

HK Incentive Trip

Very few pix to post this trip. Cuz I was using Vincent's camera and he hasn't bothered to even copy the pix onto his computer! I shall post whatever little pix I taken on my hp on FB.

Our first trip together as a team without our leader... it was a pretty good and happy vacation. Seems like our characters are exactly as it is at work and at vacation so I'd say we make a great team! We had some shopping (yay i'm not the top spender!), eating and DRINKING. Vin did not 酒后吐真言... we will try again!


YH: the sleepyhead

Vin: the scout

Mad & Serina: the shoppers

I hope we can go to Athens, BKK and Taiwan coming up. Jiayou!

Wednesday, April 14

My new project

Been working on my new blog on a different blog platform - wordpress.

Trying to figure out how to use the tools and layout the page till I'm happy with it.

This will be a blog where I separate my work events and my mum's updates from my own happy events.

I'm happy that finally I found the energy to do it but it's hard work!

Tuesday, April 13


Guess who's on FB playing games?

Sunday, April 11

Gifts fr Korea

Been slow to upload pix. Thks to Vin and Mad for bringing back these snacks from Korea!

* though a little weird to get Hello Kitty imported from Japan to Korea.

* rice cakes that has to be kept refrigerated.

Saturday, April 10

Cute baby!

Another super cute baby! Baby Zander... First we had Kojiro, Aiko, Zachary... and Zander!

Love him too!

Wednesday, April 7

Baby Powder

I just started using this baby compact powder from Pigeon. It looks like a normal powder compact and is supposed to work like one! At only $7+, it's a good buy!

The coverage is weak though it absorbs oil. I use it on weekends over my sunblock when I want to give my skin a break. The available colours are quite light though, darker skinned friends will have problems getting a match.

Tuesday, April 6

Update 1

Yay! The review showed good response to the drug used. Cancer marker has dropped after 2 weeks. The same treatment shall be administered and antibiotics given for the pimples.

Even with a low co-payment of 15%, we have to pay about $1k monthly from medisave. What if there was no subsidy and no insurance?