Monday, September 29

Tuesday, September 23


A supposedly short drive turned out really freaking stressful for me.

Exit too early to PIE (Airport).... And you know I'm seriously scared to be on the highway. So there I am suddenly on the highway. Can't even remember how I merged into the traffic! And the next moment I'm at T3, and back on the highway. Blur me couldn't figure out if I was at ECP or PIE. And got lost again.

Ok, finally I started to be more alert. Noted exit Bedok, and happily left the expressway. A harrowing experience for me. Hey, actually I can find my way around, if i tried hard enough. Feels like throwing me into a swimming pool and asking me to learn how to swim.

-_-" a mixture of feeling stressed, and being pleased that I did it on my own.

* oh yes, some of you may think this is nothing.... pls ignore me.

Sunday, September 21

Uncle Meng's farewell.

Uncle Meng is off to further his studies for the next one year. A big move for him to switch industry to give up his relatively stable and well-paying job. An intellectual individual as usual.

A long time friend of mine, we started off being NTUCO fellow mates. And found out that we were hall neighbours. Those were the days we had dinner together almost every evening... till Uncle Meng met the love of his life! Hmmph重色轻友. (Not that I was not happy that he found her. )

Wish him the best, and that he has found what he really wants.

Tuesday, September 16

"If you can't buy insurance, go find yourself a rich husband "

Was blog surfing when i came across an older post of this Little Miss Drinkalot.

Very valid points. And so very true and common scenario.

Read her post@

Conclusion: Everyone wants the cover - best when it's free, or when they are already sick.

Tell me where i can find it free. And predict when i will get sick, preferably 1 mth before, so I can get it approved just in time. I will be so grateful. and you would be oh-so-in-demand for your services. and it would be recession proof.

Monday, September 15

My first drive alone...

Haha, very pleased with myself tonight. Drove a short distance from Tanah Merah to home, and parked all by myself... all alone. It's nothing to most people, but it's a new personal achievement. One of my 2008 goals achieved - to get a car and a license.

Saturday, September 13

Sat nite @ home

A few rare moments where I am actually home before 9pm on a Saturday evening. And the last thing I was doing was to spend time with my Ah-Ma in the hospital.

Restless. And somewhat resentful. I should be somewhere out there.

Well, tomorrow is coming soon. It will be a better day.

Friday, September 12

Sins. Updated.

Got a treat for passing my driving! Crabs. For the longest time, I've wanted to eat it.

Was recommended by our fren to try this location.

Big D's Grill @ Bedok South
* another one of those humble location but good quality western food.
Ala. Aston's, Botak Jones....
* $30 steak which was deemed very good. * my healthy dinner. fish with herbs. very unique tomato topping they used. good.

Pow Sing Restaurant @ Serangoon Gardens
* Saw alot of tourists and Chinese dining there.
* Comfort food. Who can resist a good chicken rice?
* My fren says it's been around since she was a child... that makes it at least 25 yrs old?

* So many dishes for just 5 of us. But we finished it anyway cuz it's really good.

Monday, September 8

A very happy day.

A super happy moment for me. Finally, the day I took my driving exam. And i passed!

Why does it feel more exciting than when i got my results for normal exams?

Anyway, 辛苦my instructor le. Money not easy to earn. He has been tortured by me since I started fixing him for my lessons. And he says he doesn't want to look for anymore fixed students, cuz very tiring. Hope it's not my fault! the extra $ for fixing instructor is worth it in my case, cuz those who know how it went during class....

Well, both our agony is over!

Wonder when I can be really independent and drive everywhere alone. *wishes hard.

* my tattered "little blue book"
* oh yes, i was happy to c the stamp on it. heng.. no nd to renew PDL.
* and my result! am so lucky, dunno what to say. really thank god.* and my temporary licence to drive! cant' wait to see my actual.

But I'm quite pissed now. Raring to drive my baby out, when it started to pour heavily. it has to be postponed for another 1 - 2 days. sux.

Friday, September 5

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.
Left Brain Dominance: 10(10)
Right Brain Dominance: 11(11)
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

Cold Feet

It's the countdown to my driving exams! Yes, everyone says, "pantang" can't tell people the actual date, but heck, guess everyone knows?

Tomorrow is my last driving session before my exam. I pray it's the last of the last.

I still hardly/barely did my lane change properly after today. And instructor says he feels "tanker-sick". Not car-sick/sea-sick/air-sick.

Today, I saw a test car that confirmed fail. Private exam car. The left back wheel, was dislodged in the drain at the crank course. Have no idea how they are going to pull that out. caused a mini commotion. Cross my fingers. god bless.

Wednesday, September 3

Look Good! Live Well! Life is Great!

There's a free seminar coming up on beauty and health. One of the topics that's close to my heart. Worth to take time and check out if interested.

TOPIC: Look Good! Live Well! Life is Great!

* Correct diet and exercise for better health and appearance
* Modern medical alternatives to extend one's natural beauty
* Anti-aging effects of growth hormones
* You can pay ZERO for medical bills incurred

Speakers: Mr Denise Ang Ai Tin
Master of Dip in (FP) Dermatology (NUS)
Aesthetic & Restorative Medicine (USA)

Associate Professor Dr Lee Chee Wee
Associate Professor, YLL School of Medicine, NUS

Mr Tan Yang Ching
Executive Life Planner
Great Eastern Life Assurance Co. Ltd

Date: 6 September 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 2.30pm - 4.30 pm
Venue: Great Eastern Centre, Centre for Excellence

* registration required. pls /call me if interested.

Tuesday, September 2

Make up for events?

this is the closest you'd get to looking like a celebrity? Clarence is a really nice and humble celebrity make-up artist who needs no introduction. His services are now available by appointment and subject to his schedule availability at Hide&Seek!

Clarence Lee's services and rates:

Make-up (@ Hide & Seek) $350
Wedding, Events, or House Visits (Call Clarence to enquire)
For an appointment, please call Clarence Lee 9636 7287 or Hide & Seek 6536 7475