Tuesday, January 14


I wonder what a the problem with me. Please help me reflect. Nothing I do can ever please. All I ask for is respect, a hug and a kiss goodnight daily. Am I asking for too much... Maybe I'm just pmsed, depressed and thinking too much. Wake up! It's 2014. I must improve on bring positive!

Wednesday, January 1

Happy new year!

Happy new year to all! I will do my best to make it a better year.

I make a mental note to keep learning. And shall try some baking and learning new recipes this year. So sick of eating out when most food are either too fatty, too much carbo, too salty or overpriced.

Have to improve our eating habits before Natalie grows up me follows our lousy diet!

Love my Family and friends. Grateful to everyone who comes into my life, whether good or bad, lessons are learnt and memories are created.

Welcome 2014!

* home baked honey chicken wings for dinner