Saturday, December 28

I want to be happy, positive again!

Yes I keep smiling on bad days and forgiving people who take me for granted. No matter what lemons life throws me, life goes on. Everything I do, I consider others feelings but nobody does that to me. Maybe I'm wrong but it can't be all the time right? So sensitive now, I feel hurt even if it's just a rude reply that didn't mean it. I'm all but just human. I wish someone could help me get back to my happy, positive self again. 

Friday, December 27

Time flies

2013 is ending real soon and what a year it has been for me. I hope mummy is in a better place now and I miss you so. Hope 2014 will be a peaceful and prosperous year for me as I spend more time working. 

Natalie can walk a couple of steps now. She can identify some objects and say some simple words - except mama!

I've missed documenting her milestones, such regret though I witnessed them all. Can't remember when she said her first word, first step, first crawl and she's already 14 months old.

Merry Christmas to my family and friends. And a happy new year in advance!

Monday, October 28

Feeling lonely.

This blog is probably unread by now and suits me well. A place for me to rant. Feeling so unloved and misunderstood. Sometimes I wonder if Natalie was god given to me to keep me going/alive. I miss my mummy so much.. Nobody will ever love me like she did. I'm so envious of people with their mummies still around. After celebrating my MiL's bd, I feel totally devastated that my mummy is no longer around to celebrate her birthday anymore. Life goes on and I hope it gets better. 

Wednesday, June 5

32nd birthday

This is the most horrible birthday in my life to date. Feeling sad over mummy, dad's sick, feeling weary and totally unloved. Please let this day pass soon. Tomorrow will be better!

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Sunday, May 19


I miss you mummy...

Mummy passed away 8th May 2013, cremated on the 12th on Mother's Day. It's exactly 1 week since the cremation and I haven't really digested the fact that she's gone forever physically.

Mummy I hope you are somewhere in heaven or a better place. We'll meet one day, till then. I love you.

* the last photo ever taken w mum

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Tuesday, April 23

Baby can flip too!

Natalie flipped effortlessly the day after her 6th month birthday. But only to her left... Time for more semi solids! I'm gonna get so busy. Mummy has no time for myself!

Sunday, March 31

5th month achievements

Baby Natalie can now flip! Although on in one direction and one way only. Her hands are pretty nimble nowadays and am able to grab smaller objects like a string and a bunch of hair (mine -_-"). She loves grabbing at cups.

We also started her on apple purée and I think she's gonna like solids.

I love my little (oversized) baby :)

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Monday, February 18

Happy 4th Month

It's Natalie's 4th month today. Last weighed 7.5kg (overweight!). Nevertheless I love her chubby cheeks, just hope that the baby fats will go away by the time she starts primary school!

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Saturday, February 16


Baby's hand & feet on Valentine's day. Almost 4 months now...

Valentine's day/ CNY celebration at home!

* yummy snow crabs & other food!

* it's a happy, cosy gathering!

* and happy with my V day gifts. No more fanciful pressies -_-

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Monday, January 21

Baby's firsts

Of things that only interest myself ...

Natalie is 3months 3days old. She did a full 360degree
rotation in her sleep! And for the first time (and once only) she could hold her bottle. She can now amuse herself with some toys as well. But also, she seem to start on throwing a tantrum just before sleeping. Hope it goes away *cross fingers.

I brought her to the meeting & appointment on my own today - ok this is mummy's first.

Note to myself, baby needs sunblock from all the errands she's running with me. She's getting tanned :(

Can't wait to watch more developments in her! ❤

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Tuesday, January 1

Happy new year!

Received this photo from a friend. Happy new year everyone! I'm hope we all have a happy and fruitful year ahead!

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