Sunday, January 31

Shifu in Bejing

Wow Shifu is paying the Great Wall of China a visit!

But isn't it weird that he's there in his business wear?
That's cuz we are waiting for his turn to give the talk at our training centre!

The things I do to entertain myself. Even at the expense of disturbing my beloved mentor. =P

Wednesday, January 27

Hui Ci

Today I finally found out the name of this Taiwanese "celeb". I think a more apt word is a comedian who is being laughed at rather than a comedian who makes people laugh.

No matter how many times I watch her on TV, she doesn't fail to make me CRINGE. I wonder what's her age! Acting like a baby at times with an irritating accent. And acting like a sweet girl. Plus she looks (or acts) bimbotic...

But then again, she's at least successful at being a talking point and a TV personality though she definitely not a beautiful or talented celeb. Deserves some credit for that!

Thursday, January 21

Sharing the Joy

So happy for my CyNaMie... She always wanted to get married and a diamond ring as big if not bigger than mine. And see what "The Secret" bode for her? A diamond ring 0.09 carat bigger than mine! * sigh, I need to upgrade mine.

Haha.. anyway I can't help but blog about this since she already put it up... so it's not a secret.

Congrats my dear fren!

Tuesday, January 19

KNA WoW! night Cum Vin's BD

On the pretext of organizing WoW! night (a name we came up for our social gatherings), we actually gathered for Vin's birthday.

After a good dinner of zhi char at Tampines St 81 near Yaohui's home, we proceeded to Mr Punch at The Mint Museum for drinks. Great that Chelsia managed to join us!

I tried to surprise Vin with a cake but they were sitting right at the entrance and I didn't expect that. And so the cake box was exposed.

* birthday boy. * ming & I
* Yaohui & Samantha

* Shifu and Ming
* Madeline & Chelsia

Monday, January 18

H&S is Hiring!

Sunday, January 17

Harris Resort - NY countdown 2009.

A super last min trip - thanks to Aaron & Susan for arranging. Batam is not actually a preferred

vacation location for me. And I had a bad feeling that the resort would be "lok kok" (i.e. run down). I love resorts... but 5 star ones. The one which we are going is called Harris Resort. Call me spoilt.

* ferry trip to batam. Aaron made it a point to choose a really good and clean ferry service.

* aaron and susan upon arrival.
* I was not sure if it was alright to take the immigration point. But it's really small and quiet. Doesn't feel like you crossed the checkpoint.
* on the Harris coach.
* and again...
* no scenery...
* and to my horror. what is THIS freaky colour theme?!

* the lobby smelt of old furniture and super sweet air freshener.

* at the new wing.
* at least the pool is decent.
* luckily for me. the rooms which we were going to stay at was at the new wing!

* though not ideal. It is actually much better than what I expected after seeing the resort exterior. Decent la... just not luxurious.
* nothing much to eat. Ordering our first meal at Batam. Pizza!
* this cat keeps disturbing us. And trying to pounce on the table.
* I think we had carbo/flour overload. But the pizza is quite good.
* my favourite part of the shopping centre. eating at A&W!
* shocking sight - young boy riding bike with adult riding pillion.
* the tree is hideous. But susan made us take a photo there. * and if I didn't remember wrongly. Aaron was the one who insisted they took a picture there.
* nothing much around the shopping area. * aaron wanted a shot of this ship shaped restaurant.
* compulsory new year dinner. priced into the package. sucky food! but expected cuz it's mass cooked.*getai entertainment. semi-pro entertainers. and free for all ktv on the stage.

* I like this seat! keeps the sun away from me. nice!

* and on the way back. Happy to be home!

Saturday, January 16

Ming's Present to Me

Finally, my belated present. Yay!

Thursday, January 14

Ipoh Anson Chee Cheong Fun

Fiona is always very nice to help us pack food for lunch when we happen to eat in. One of my favourite items that she buys for us is the chee cheong fun and yam cake from Ipoh Anson Chee Cheong Fun.

I'm no foodie but I can tell the difference between very good and very bad stuff. I like the yam cake v much!

Monday, January 11

XY's birthday

XY's birthday dinner had a good turnout as usual. We had tea at Canele, then dinner at Raku-Zen (by Sushi Tei) at Millennia Walk.

* thought the food quality was good enough. My sashimi and tempura set above was priced at $24. Finished most of it!

We then proceeded for drinks at Stereo Lounge at Pan Pacific Hotel. My first time there though.

* the drinks were averagely priced and the good thing was that there were seats. I must be getting really old, seats are important for me to stone on. The crowd there was kind of weird - abit matured, very loudly dressed but not so good-looking. And there were alot of ang mos.