Saturday, March 27

Saturday, March 20

A moment of happiness

For a moment, the pen took my mind off the stress. But it wore off very soon. But I love it anyway... retail therapy doesn't work as well after all in extreme circumstances.

Tuesday, March 16

Private Vs Public

When people are well, they think they need the lowest coverage. But when they or their closest one are unwell... they just want them to have the best... to see the doctor asap, to seek the diagnosis and treatment asap.

A member of my family was unwell recently and the scheduled tests at the govt hospital and was slated at a very much later date much to our anxiety. Subsequently we decided to pay more to cut the queue. Within half an hour of calling the private specialist, we got an appointment and did the tests immediately. Speed is important when diagnosing possible problems but the govt hospitals are overloaded! Would anyone refuse better treatment if they could?

On another note, I just saw on FB that our ex-AHS principal, Mr Moo had passed on from cancer at a mere age of 63. How fragile life is. Rest in peace Sir...

Monday, March 15

High Net Worth Mgr?

Just came across a course mate's (whom I don't know personally) FB profile and I saw his occupation:

High Net Worth Manager
Singapore, Singapore
Expertise & Specialisations- Personal Risk Protection & Retirement Planning- Company Employee Benefits- High Networth Wealth Management

"High Net Worth Manager"? Or did you want to deal with high net worth clients? This is a misleading statement. I'm not so sure Axx calls their agents "High Net Worth Manager". Where's the compliance department?!

Saturday, March 13

CNY party

I'm sooo behind nowadays to blog. Another of our annual CNY gatherings at Keith's home. No drunkards this year. I'm so glad to know all of these great people. Let us have more parties!

Missing Kojiro

Argh when are the tots coming back?! I miss them...

Wednesday, March 10


A belated post yet again. We had a internal agency awards ceremony this year abit later than usual. A very special occasion this year, we had very special guests and a good location this year at Peach Garden @ OCBC Centre.

* lovely view from the private room.
* setting up.
* table setting* plaques and trophies laid out.

* our grp director Mr Robert Tan giving a welcome speech. * our VIP - GEL MD Mr Tan Hak Leh * our VIP no. 2 - Mr Ben Tan
* happy colleagues

* waiting for the food

* night falls and the event ended on a great note with our grand mentor Simon Ang ending with a powerful and inspiring speech.

* no great achievement cuz it's juz an internal award. but thankfully I've been getting something every year. Have to work harder for a better one.

Tuesday, March 2

A very belated post of events.

We went to visit Resorts World on one of the CNY days. Found it to be a pretty small IR and there were few good shopping and F&B places around. We wanted to have dinner there but couldn't find anything interesting. So, we ended up at supposedly prestigious Tower Club on the 62nd floor of Republic Plaza. It was our first time there at the private club for dinner.

* gorgeous view * ming & vincent were in jeans - inappropriate attire for the location. So they were forced to wear jackets provided.

* Versace tableware

* & a free dessert for something unpleasant that happened there. Since they made up for it promptly, I shall not elaborate.
They had good food though it was very expensive, the place looked a little old but they used premium furniture etc. Good for a once-off experience.
CNY gathering at Zhihan's place.

* cute Zachary is the most popular male in the house.
* see all the big boys being competitive over the uno stacko.
It was a great gathering at ZH's place. And we had another at Cuishan's place... but I missed most of it...